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Swimming Pool Construction: Comparing Concrete, Vinyl Liner, and Fiberglass Installations

Can a Fiberglass Pool Be Installed Above Ground?

Greco Survey Results Are In: Real Feedback From Real Customers!

Easy Fix For A Cracked Return Fitting In A Leaking Fiberglass Pool

Should My Swimming Pool Have A Cooler/Chiller?  Temperature Comparison Video

How Hot Do Swimming Pool Patios Get? Temperature Comparison: Concrete vs Pavers vs Bluestone vs Travertine

Should I Fill In Or Replace My Inground Pool? A Few Thoughts To Consider

How Much Dirt Comes Out Of A Pool Excavation?(Jobsite Video)

Inground Pools and Ground Water: How To Manage A High Water Table Video

Will I Need An Electrical Service Upgrade For My Swimming Pool?

4 Swimming Pool Construction Questions...Finally Answered!

Swimming Pool Accessories: The Ultimate Cost and Comparison Guide

Swimming Pool Design Guide: Friendly Advice From A Pro!

Indoor Swimming Pools 101: Cost, Construction, Advantages, and Other Questions Explained!

Inground Swimming Pool Pavers 101: Patio Installation Video, Maintenance, Pros and Cons

Guide To Hitting Rock and Water During Inground Pool Construction: Removal and Cost Explained!

Freeform Pools 101: Designs, Cost, and Construction Questions Answered

Inground Pool Construction and Trees: 7 Common Questions and Answers

Fiberglass Pool Plumbing Video: 2 Bullet-proof Ways To Prevent Post Installation Leaks

Fiberglass Pool Installation Video: How To Secure A Pool With Rhino-Rods

Inground Swimming Pool Construction: Is Sand Or Stone Better Backfill For A Fiberglass Pool?

Fiberglass Pool Installation Problems Solved: Rhino-Loc Construction Explained!

7 Things To Consider When Building A Fiberglass Pool At A Home Under Construction

Can Water Behind A Fiberglass Pool Cause Osmotic Blisters Or Damage The Gelcoat Surface?

4 Fiberglass Pool Manufacturing Problems Solved: Our Vinyl Ester Barrier Coat Explained

River/Thursday Dealer Conference Marks New Era in Fiberglass Pool Industry

Retaining Walls For Pools 101: Types, Prices, And Features

Cantilevered Concrete Coping For Inground Pools: Advantages, Installation,  And A Video Tour Of A Beautiful Pool!

Pool Loans 101: Rates, Payments, and How to Qualify

Small Pools 101: Shapes, Dimensions, Features And Other Considerations

The Ultimate Swimming Pool Builder Vetting Checklist

How Durable Are Fiberglass Pools And How Long Do They Last?

How Fiberglass Pools Are Made: 3 Step Video Guide

How Are Fiberglass Pool Molds Made?

4 Inground Pool Options That Are Trending In 2016

Inground Pool Light Cost & Other Common Lighting Questions

Pool Heater Options: Gas/Propane vs Heat Pump vs Solar Which is Best?


Trilogy Casini vs Greco Rectangular Fiberglass Pool Comparison

What is the Best Rectangular Fiberglass Pool Design?

Don't Believe Concrete Pools Are a Maintenance Nightmare? Watch This Video!

Are You Looking For A One-Night Stand With Your Pool Builder?

The Cost of Going with a Vinyl Liner Pool vs Fiberglass Pools

What Are The 3 Most Popular In-ground Pool Options Of 2014?

Fiberglass Pools Installation Trends Of 2014

Variable Speed Pool Pumps vs One and Two Speed, Which is Best?

4 ThingsThat Will Dictate The Price Of Your Fiberglass Pool In 2014

The Cost of Owning A Swimming Pool with A Diving Board In 2014

Purchasing Your Fiberglass Pool In 2014 (Short But Important Read)

Choosing The Right Fiberglass Pool For You and Your Family

Retaining Walls For Swimming Pools

Automactic Pool Covers Pro's and Con's

Inground Pool Warranties: Critical Questions to Ask Your Builder

How to Find the Perfect Property for a Future Pool: 5 Valuable Tips!

Is Any Backyard Too Challenging for a Fiberglass Pool? Epic Video!

Visual Proof that Fiberglass Pools are Stronger than Concrete

The Best Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools/Designs of 2013

Groundbreaking DIY Fiberglass Pool Video Trains, Educates, and Empowers Pool Shoppers

Will a Fiberglass Pool Increase the Value of My Home?

Fiberglass Pool Pricing in 2013 and Beyond: Where is the Industry Headed?

What are the Best and Worst Types of Swimming Pools and Why?

What are the Biggest and Smallest Sizes for Fiberglass Pools?

5 Ways to Keep Your Pool Algae Free During the August Heat

A Unique Look at Swimming Pool Facts, Figures, and History

Pool and Spa News Names River Pools a "Top 50 Builder" for 2012

Record Heat Wave of 2012 Leads to Huge Increase in Swimming Pool Sales

Viking Pools Swallows Up Royal Fiberglass Pools With Another Acquisition

Preformed Fiberglass Pools Continue Growth Explosion in the United States

5 Problems with Concrete Pools You May Not Have Considered

Fiberglass Pool Retaining Wall Video: Solutions for a Sloped Yard

Ultimate Fiberglass Pool vs Vinyl Liner Pool Video!

Underground vs Aboveground Pools: Costs and Comparisons

Inground Pool Cost of Ownership: Fiberglass vs Concrete vs Vinyl

What is the Best Small Pool for a Small Yard?

How NOT to Install Fiberglass Pool Coping...Jobsite Video!

Why 2012 is NOT the Year to Open Your Pool Late in the Season

10 Hottest Inground Pool Options and Accessories of 2012...Video!

How To Avoid 4 Common Fiberglass Pool Installation Problems: Powerful Video!

5 Fiberglass Pool Benefits to Consider in Your Pool Purchase

The One Key To Choosing a Swimming Pool Contractor Without Getting Ripped Off

The Myth That Fiberglass Pools Cost More Than Concrete Pools

River Pools is Now Hiring Experienced Fiberglass Pool Installer

Is Buying a Used Fiberglass Pool Shell a Good Idea?

Top 5 DIY Fiberglass Pool Kit Mistakes and Considerations

How Much and What Type of Gravel is Needed with a Fiberglass Pool Installation?

Fiberglass Pool Shell Weight: Why Is It So Important?

Deck/Patio Drainage For Inground Swimming Pools 101

Viking Pools Purchases Trilogy Fiberglass Pools in Major Industry Acquisition

5 Reasons Why Tarp Pool Covers Are a Terrible Investment

Proper Fiberglass Pool Winterization: Should it Be Drained Below the Skimmer?

Pavers and Fiberglass Swimming Pools: A 2011 Slideshow

Just How Much Fun are Inground Swimming Pools...Really??? (Amazing Video)

How to Prepare Your Inground Swimming Pool for a Hurricane

Earthquakes and Fiberglass Swimming Pools: Yep, Flexibility is Nice When the Earth Moves

Is Roman-End a Good Shape For an Inground Fiberglass Pool?

Just How Beautiful is a Colored Fiberglass Pool Underwater? (Neat Photos!)

Inground Pool Elevation: How High Should I Set My Pool?

How Long Should Salt Water Chlorine Generators for Pools Last?

Finding the Right Pool Contractor: Is Angie’s List The Answer?

In-House Pool Construction Vs. Sub-Contractors: Which Is Better?

Fiberglass Pool Builders Showcase: Signature Pools of Chicago

How to Prevent a Nightmare with your Swimming Pool Installation Project

5 Fiberglass Pool Trade Secrets From River Pools and Spas

5 Reasons Why Your Inground Swimming Pool Should Already Be Open

Can A Fiberglass Pool Be Completely Installed in One Day Video?

Inground Pool Coping: Idea and Cost Guide!

Why Fiberglass Pool Installations are Not as Stressfull As You Think!

10 Reasons Why Fiberglass Pools Are Better Than Concrete

How Level Should A Fiberglass Pool Be?

What is the Proper Thickness of a Fiberglass Pool?

5 Seamless Ways to Integrate a Retaining Wall into Your Swimming Pool Project

What Causes Osmotic Blisters on Fiberglass Pools?

Fiberglass Pool Gel Coat Problems and Manufacturing Solutions

Defects in Fiberglass Pool Gel Coat: What Causes Them?

Best Robotic Pool Cleaner Video: What Makes This Design Best?

2011 Swimming Pool Buying Trends: What a Difference a Year Makes

All-Tile Fiberglass Pool Bottoms Another Industry Innovation in 2011

5 Reasons You Should NOT Wait Until March to Buy Your Inground Swimming Pool

Help Wanted!! River Pools Hiring Fiberglass Pool Salesperson

4 Reasons Buying an Inground Pool and a Car are Completely Different!

Searching for Perfect In-Season Pool Cover…and Other Pool Inventions

Backwashing: Why it’s a Bummer for Your Beverages and Your Pool!

5 Fiberglass Pool Accessories to Consider in 2011

Will My Fiberglass Pool Require a Weekly Service Company?

National Magazine Exposes River Pools and Spas' Secret!

Winter Discounts on Inground Swimming Pools: 5 Common Questions and Answers

Attention Fiberglass Pool Owners: Keep Your Solid Winter Cover Drained!

Fiberglass Pool Coping: Paver vs Cantilevered Concrete- Quick Comparison

Warning: Contains Turkey Nudity and Brief Holiday Message!

3 Reasons NOT to Drain a Fiberglass Pool!

Tile Choice on a Fiberglass Pool: A Very Important Decision

How Long Does it Take to Install a Fiberglass Pool?

Is it Possible that Easy Set Inflatable Pools Require More Maintenance than Inground Fiberglass Pools?

A Note to all Pool/Spa Professionals Attending Las Vegas Convention this Week

Can I Leave My Swimming Pool Open Year-Round?

Blue Hawaiian Pools Purchased by Latham International/Viking Pools

Fiberglass Pools and Retaining Wall Options

Custom Security Cover Installation Video: Fiberglass Pool with Elevated Patio

Can Fiberglass Pools be Built on Fill-Dirt?

Are Fiberglass Pools Too Skinny? And Does Width Really Matter?

Fiberglass Pool Step Location: How Important is it...Really?

Top 5 Questions People Have about Fiberglass Pools

10 Things You Must Know BEFORE Signing a Fiberglass Pool Contract

The Most Egregious Fiberglass Pool Warranty I've ever Seen

Fiberglass Pool Owners: Never Tell your Friends with Concrete Pools These 5 Things

Despite Advances, Some Concrete Pool Companies Still Hanging on to the Past

How to Set and Install a Deep End/Diving Fiberglass Pool Video

Unbiased Pool Owner Speaks Out Regarding Concrete vs Fiberglass Debate

Swimming Pools and Dogs: A Few Points to Ponder

5 Keys to Perfect Fiberglass Pool Plumbing

7 Qualities of the Best Fiberglass Pool Builders in America

Northeast Fiberglass Pool Company Wins Award with Impressive Water Feature/Pool Combo

3 Benefits to Water Features on Your Inground Swimming Pool

Beautiful and Elegant Fiberglass Pool Wins Master Of Design Award

Pool Bonding 101: Why Handrails, Coping, and Water Could Shock You.

Can any Fiberglass Pool have a Tanning Ledge and Custom Water Feature?

Video Tour of Gorgeous Fiberglass Pool with Retaining Walls

11 Simple Ways to Enhance the Look of Your Backyard Swimming Pool Oasis

Pool Excavation: 4 Questions You May Not Think to Ask!

How Loud is a Swimming Pool's Filter System? And What Can be Done About It.

My Swimming Pool Water is Too Hot!!!...and How to Cool it Down.

5 Reasons Why Retail Swimming Pool Stores may be Extinct in 10 Years

Video of a 6 Year Old Showing How to Clean/Vacuum an Inground Swimming Pool!!

Top 5 Salt Water Chlorine Generator Problems

Do Fiberglass Pools Work with Shrink/Swell, Clay, and other Soil Conditions?

Is a Swimming Pool Worth All that Money?? 5 Points to Ponder.

Concrete, Vinyl, and Fiberglass Pool Fading: Which Fades the Worst?

Swimming Pool Wiring: How Much Does Electrical Hook-up Cost?

Attention Fiberglass Pool Shoppers: 26 Things You Must Know Before Breaking Ground!

Getting Ready to Choose a Pool Contractor? Think with Logic, NOT Emotion

Monthly Electrical Costs to Run a Swimming Pool: What Should You Expect?

The Top 6 Hidden Costs of a Swimming Pool Project

Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Innovations of the Last 25 Years

The Top 15 Reasons Why Moms Love Swimming Pools

5 Things Every Pool Shopper Should Know BEFORE They Receive an Estimate

How NOT to Backfill and Install a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Stamped vs. Brushed/Broomed Concrete for Swimming Pools: Which is Better?

Large Fiberglass Pool (16'x40') Design Awards for 2010

Should I Get a Salt Water System in my Pool?

5 Reasons Why Diving Boards and Diving Pools Have Gone the Way of the Dinosaur

When is the Best Time to Open My Swimming Pool?

Boats Vs Swimming Pools: Which is a Better Investment For My Family?

Fiber Glass Pools Gain More Market Share with Educated Consumers

Small Inground Fiberglass Pool Design Awards for 2010

5 Ways to Buy an Inground Swimming Pool for Less than $30,000 in 2010

How to Pour Concrete Coping around a Fiberglass Pool Video

10 Ways Owning a Swimming Pool will Change Your Home, Your Health, and Your Happiness

Ceramic Core Fiberglass Pools: The Truth Behind the Material

Can Concrete (Gunite) Pools Float? Crazy Pictures

Fiberglass Pool Shoppers Alert: Very Disturbing Customer Experience and Photos

5 Ways to Make Your Swimming Pool Project More Affordable

Awesome Fiberglass Pool Installation Video!

Top 5 Vinyl Liner Pool Problems and Solutions

Hydrostatic Pressure and Dewatering Systems for Fiberglass Pools

Swimming Pools vs RVs and Campers: Which is a Better Investment?

Swimming Pool Plumbing Video: How to Install Skimmers, Returns, and Main Drain Fittings

7 Deadly Sins of Fiberglass Pool Installations!

Do It Yourself Pools: A Case For and Against

Cool Fiberglass Pool Installation Video! How to Unload and Set a Fiberglass Pool

Swimming Pool Plumbing Video: How to Heat Bend Rigid PVC Pipe

Swimming Pool Financing: How Can I Get a Pool Loan in 2012?

Waterline Tile on Fiberglass Pools: Installation Video.

Sun Pools Owner Curt Prystupa Discusses Fiberglass Pool Industry's Future

Why is Pouring Concrete(Cantilever Coping) Around a Fiberglass Pool so Difficult? (Must See Photos)

How to Avoid Playing 'Pool Roulette' When Buying a Swimming Pool

5 Things the Pool Industry Can Learn From Walt Disney!

The Top 5 Reasons Pool Contractors/Builders Go Out of Business

Viking Pools (Latham International) Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

How to Choose the Right Swimming Pool Size for You and Your Family

Aquatic Therapy and Swim Spas: Combatting Cerebral Palsy, Parkinson's, and Arthritis

Swimming Pool Plumbing: Rigid PVC vs. Flexible PVC, Which is Better?

The Future of Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers: Who Will Survive?

Salt Water Pools: What Type of Salt Should I Use and Why?

Inground Pool Planning Meetings: The Key to a Successful Project

Above Ground Fiberglass Pools: Can and Should They Be Built?

How much does stamped concrete cost? Pool Patio Q & A

Swimming Pool Patio Q &A: Will my concrete pool patio crack?

Breaking News: Ocean Reef Fiberglass Pools Out of Business

Blue Pools: How Blue has Become the Color of the Fiberglass Pool Industry

Disturbing: Bad Fiberglass Pool Installer+Irresponsible Manufacturer=Customer Disaster

Attempting to Winterize/Close Your Inground Swimming Pool? Here are the 5 Most Common Mistakes.

Science and Fiberglass Pool Gelcoats: Why Some Colors Stink and Others are Built to Last

Baquacil: Cloudy Water, Problems, and Why It's a Rip-Off

Installing a Fiberglass Pool Properly: Sand vs. Gravel, Which is Better?

Shady Fiberglass Pool Contractor- Disturbing Video: How Not to Be a Victim

Fibergass Pools, Little People Big World, and TV's Misconceptions

Fiberglass Pool Industry Thriving in Maryland

Custom Pools vs Fiberglass Pools: Which is Right For You?

How Long Will a Swimming Pool's Vinyl Liner Really Last?

Solid Vinyl versus Mesh Inground Winter Pool Covers: Which is Better?

Seasonal Savings and Swimming Pools: Is Fall/Winter or Spring the Best Time to Save on a Swimming Pool Installation?

Do Fiberglass Pools Look Like Bathtubs?...A Prevention Guide

Gunite Pools versus Fiberglass Pools: Which Looks Nicer?

Solar Covers for Swimming Pools: Prices, Usage, and Longevity

Do Fiberglass Pools Work in Colder/Northern Climates?

The Fastest Growing Fiberglass and Swimming Pool Blog on the World Wide Web Keeps Growing

Concrete Pools Vs Fiberglass Pools: The Crazy Buying Decisions People Will Make

Pool Slides: 4 Things You Need to Know!

5 Really, Really Dumb Mistakes People Make When Buying a Fiberglass Swimming Pool

Inground Pool Pictures from River Pools and Spas: Hot off the Press!!!

How Can I Cool My Swimming Pool Water Temperature? Heat Pumps and Chillers

How to Identify, Treat, and Remove Algae in Your Swimming Pool

How to Replace a Vinyl Liner Inground Pool with a Fiberglass Pool Insert

2009 Fiberglass Swimming Pool Design Awards

How Much Can a Mistake Cost on a Swimming Pool Purchase?

Is Now the Time to Get a Good Price on a Fiberglass Pool?

LED Pool Lights vs Fiber Optic Pool Lights: Which Inground Pool Light is Better?

Inexpensive Retaining Walls for Swimming Pools(Video)

Can Fiberglass Swimming Pools Accomodate Large Groups of People(video)?

Inground Hot Tubs vs Above Ground Hot Tubs: Which is Better?

Why are Inground Fiberglass Pools so Low Maintainance?

Inground Pool Landscaping 101: Set your Pool Apart!

Fibreglass Swimming Pools: Why are fibreglass pools taking over the pool industry?

Cheap Concrete Pools, the Economy, and Swimming Pool Buying Mistakes

Waterline Tile on Fiberglass Pools: Questions and Answers

How Much do Above Ground and Inground Swimming Pools Cost?

How to Clean a Swimming Pool Catridge Filter: Video

Leisure Fiberglass Pools: The Moroccan Model

Salt Chlorine Generators and Swimming Pools Video

Viking Fiberglass Pools vs. Trilogy Pools Reviews / Ratings: Which is Better?

Cheap Fiberglass Pools: 4 Ways To Save Money on Your Fiberglass Pool!

Fiberglass Pools vs Vinyl Liner Pools vs Concrete Pools: An Honest Comparison

Fiberglass Swimming Pool Prices and Pricing Guide

Fiberglass Swimming Pools Taking Over the Swimming Pool Industry

Fire Pits and Swimming Pools Video

Fiberglass Pool Coping: Cantilevered Concrete Video

How Does a Swimming Pool Filter System Work? (Video)

How to Vacuum an Inground Swimming Pool: Video

How to Wire a Salt Chlorine Generator for Swimming Pools

San Juan Pools vs Viking Pools Ratings / Reviews: Which is Better?

Do It Yourself Fiberglass Pools: The Ultimate DIY Project!

Top 5 Fiberglass Pool Problems and Solutions

Lap Pools and Swim Spas: A 'Lengthy' Discussion

Viking Pools vs Leisure Pools: Which Fiberglass Pool is Better?

Fiberglass Pool Prices: How Much is My Pool Really Going to Cost?

Pool Patio Materials: Stamped Concrete vs Pavers

How much Swimming Pool Patio Do I Need?

Should I Buy a Swimming Pool in Todays Economy?

3D Swimming Pool Design Services

Plugged Skimmer Line: VideoTroubleshooting Guide

Fiberglass Swimming Pools vs Concrete Swimming Pools: Which is better?

Fiberglass vs Vinyl Liner Pools: Which is Better?

Where should I locate my Pool Filter System?

Stamped Concrete Options: Flagstone Pattern w/ Tan Color

How to Wire a Salt Chlorine Generator Video

Why do I have air bubbles in my Pool? A Troubleshooting Guide

Guide to Stamped Concrete around Fiberglass Pools

Will Your Pool Fence Pass Code?

Swimming Pool Handrails, a Quick Overview

So You Think You Know What Pool You Want!

Choosing the right Swimming Pool Fence

Swimmig Pool Security Covers Guide

How to take off your Swimming Pool's Security Cover!

How to Open Your Inground Swimming Pool Video!

Fiberglass Pool History for Virginia and Maryland

Leisure Fiberglass Pools Rating

How to Choose the RIGHT Swimming Pool Contractor: By Jason Hughes

Do Fiberglass Pools Look "Cheap"??

Not All Fiberglass Pool Shells Are Created Equal!!!

Just How Strong Are Swimming Pool Security Covers??


Steps to a Proper Pool Closing

Concrete Better than Fiberglass?? Think Again!!

Proper Filtration: The Heart of Your Pool's Water Clarity

Water Chemistry: It's a Balancing Act

Fiberglass Pool Q&A

Fiberglass Pool Myths, Fiberglass Pool Pop Ups

Swimming Pool Covers: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Salt Water Pools: Should I Use Salt Chlorine with my Swimming Pool?

Heat Pumps for Swimming Pools

Swimming History: Unusual Facts and Figures

Fiberglass Pool Growth Explodes

5 Steps to a Proper Pool Opening

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