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How Much Is My Fiberglass Pool Really Going to Cost?

How Much Is My Fiberglass Pool Really Going to Cost?

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How much do fiberglass pools cost?

This will always be one of the first questions any pool shopper will ask when researching their fiberglass pool options.


We've answered this question thousands of times over the years, and these days, hundreds of prospective pool buyers will ask us for quotes or estimates every year -- and many folks will raise the question in the first few of minutes of our conversations.

We get it.


Price matters (it's not the only consideration, but it is pretty important). Price often dictates what type of pool, and any pool options and accessories, you might get. You need to develop an initial budget and plan for any long-term ownership costs, and that's true for any pool, at any size, in any configuration you might want.


It's tough to answer this question right off the bat, because swimming pools have so many variables and options it's often tough to know the price until you've figured out exactly what you want, and have had skilled professionals assess your yard to figure out if it might need any special approaches or non-standard installation work.


At River Pools, we strive to educate every prospective buyer, even if that leads you towards a different type of pool. I'll do my level best to offer some realistic price ranges, based on real-world installation and accessory costs right now (in 2022).


Please keep in mind that all prices, whether for fiberglass pool installations, accessories, or anything else, are only estimates based on the average fiberglass pool project in 2022. Prices can and often do vary drastically based on the product(s) you choose, where you live, your chosen installer, and many other factors.


How much does a fiberglass pool cost?

Price of a fiberglass pool - options, packages, and fiberglass pool cost

Most fiberglass pools will cost $70,000 to $135,000 to install in 2022 -- this price includes the installation of a surrounding patio and any basic accessories.


As with any major home improvement project, this price range can increase dramatically as you add more options and more elaborate designs, which might include water features, natural stone hardscaping, multiple accessories, and so on.


For a quick overview of the main costs of a fiberglass pool installation, please watch the video below. We can also provide more precise estimates when you use our Design and Price tool, which you can find just below the video:



calculator graphic

Want to see about how much that cost will be with all your favorite pool accessories?

Use our Design and Price Tool to walk through your options and approximate price!



Just the shell

Some customers just want a fiberglass pool shell.


Installing a fiberglass pool will involves many other costs. However, some people out there want to do everything themselves, which tends to mean buying and installing every single component on their own.


We don't typically recommend the do-it-yourself approach, even if you're an experienced construction professional. There are many variables to consider, and a botched DIY installation can easily cause far more trouble and long-term costs than it'll save upfront.


Please keep in mind these price ranges don't include shipping the shell or any accessories.


A small pool shell (less than 26 feet long): $20,000–$30,000.


A medium shell (between 27 and 34 feet long): $25,000–$35,000.


A large shell (35 feet or longer): $30,000–$40,000.


Basic install

A basic installation typically includes:


  • Shell
  • Shipping
  • Pump/filter system
  • Excavation
  • Backfill
  • Filling the pool with water

Most basic pool packages don't include other options or patio work. 


Typical prices for a basic install can range from $40,000 to $100,000. This is a pretty big range, but there are a pretty wide range of potential pool shells you might install, and different sizes and shapes come with their own considerations, regardless of any add-ons you may want.


Prices have risen in 2022 due to multiple factors, such as a surge of new demand stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic, and supply chain disruptions that have created material shortages and price spikes in many of the essential components needed for manufacturing and installing a fiberglass pool.


Basic Install plus concrete

Most pool installations include adding a concrete patio around the edge of the pool.

How much do fiberglass pools cost?

Most concrete patios take up between 400 and 800 square feet of space around a swimming pool, with larger pools typically requiring more of a patio.


With concrete patio, a typical fiberglass pool installation will cost between: $65,000 and $90,000.


Turnkey installations

A turnkey fiberglass pool installation includes everything we've already covered -- the shell, the patio, and basic accessories -- but will also include fencing and electrical costs.

A typical turnkey price range for River Pools customers in 2021 was between $65,000 and $125,000.


Want to figure out what you might need to spend on your pool installation? Try our Design and Price tool -- just click the button below to get started!

calculator graphic

Want to see about how much that cost will be with all your favorite pool accessories?

Use our Design and Price Tool to walk through your options and approximate price!



Prices for other options

Automatic pool covers usually cost $14,000–$21,000.


Salt chorine generators usually cost $2,100–$2,300.


Pool security covers cost $3,100–$4,700 in most cases.


Most heat pumps cost $6,500 to $8,000, not including the costs for electrical hookup.


Most pool dealers charge $2,800–$5,000 to tile a fiberglass swimming pool on the waterline/perimeter.


Retaining walls can get very expensive. Depending on the size, they can obviously vary a huge degree. Most walls cost between $7,500 and $20,000, but larger and more elaborate retaining walls sometimes cost upwards of $35,000+.


The price of pool water features can vary drastically, especially when it comes to custom waterfalls.


Most pool LED lights will cost between $900 and $1,200 -- each.


Again, everything here is simply an estimate, and your final price may look much different. I hope you've developed a better feel for the potential costs of installing a fiberglass pool in your backyard, including the overall fiberglass pool pricing range, and what to expect when you start going through the pool buying process.


We're happy to help you get an actual price for your dream pool. You can get a quote today, as we have dealers all over America. Just click the button below!




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Editor's note: This blog article was originally published in June 2009 and has been updated and revamped for accuracy and appearance.