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The T40

If you're looking for the perfect deep end fiberglass pool, look no further!


T40 pool guided dry tour

T40 Pool Dry Tour

The T40 model is 16x40 and 8' 6" deep

T40 diagram
23,900 gallons

The T40 Features:

1. Spacious Shallow End Bench Seat
Want to take a break from the action and hang out with some friends? This seating area is properly sized to accommodate the whole family.

2. Large Shallow End For Socializing and Play
The problem with most deep end pools is the tiny shallow end, which is where most people gather. The T40 shallow end is 30% larger than the industry standard deep end pool.

3. Open Pool Interior
Want plenty of room to float and frolic? The rectangular design of the T40 provides ample room for all of your pool activities.

4. Deep End Seats / Exit Points
When using deep end pools, people love to jump in, exit, and repeat. The deep end seats of the T40 provide a place to get in and out, as well as take a rest.

5. Massive 8' 6" Deep End
Looking for lots of water? The T40 is 6" deeper than most of the fiberglass deep end pools on the market.

6. Automatic Cover Friendly
The rectangular design of the T40 allows cover tracks to be hidden beneath the pool coping, protecting them and keeping them out of sight.


T40 pool with features 1-6 labeled

Videos of the T40

What River Pools Customers Are Saying

"I would highly recommend River Pools. You will be working with honest people who know what they're doing."

Sharon Kowitz Semora, N.C

"I am completely blown away by the level of professionalism from the whole company. I cannot think of a better experience I've had. They really have their stuff together."

Keith Reals Manchester, MD

"The pool is one of the best things we have done. I have recommended River pools to all I know. When I contacted River last winter I never imagined I would have the pool in so fast and would be able to enjoy the entire summer."

Terry Scripture Fairfield, PA

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