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Fiberglass Pool Designs

Our designs reflect our desire to bring joy to you and your family

Discover our full line of pool models. Select any design to learn more about its features.

C35 identityC40 identity

The C Series

Pool Size: 16 x 35 | 16 x 40  
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The C Series features a tanning ledge, generous bench seat, and stunning curve appeal while providing more swim space than any other pool in its class.


I25 pool identityI30 pool identity

The I Series

Pool Size: 12 x 25 | 14 x 30
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The I Series strikes the perfect balance between curve appeal and swim space. 


D24 identityD28 identityD32 identityD36 identityD40 identity

The D Series

Pool Size: 12 x 24 | 15 x 28 | 15 x 32 | 16 x 36 | 16 x 40  
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Looking for the perfect tanning ledge pool? Adults can lounge and relax, kids can splash and play, and both discover a new dimension of the backyard pool experience with the D Series.


 R20 identityR24 identityR28 identityR32 identityR36 identityR40 identity

The R Series

Pool Sizes: 10 x 20 | 12 x 24 | 15 x 28 | 15 x 32 | 16 x 36 | 16 x 40
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The R Series features ample seating areas, a vast pool interior, and sleek clean lines. It's considered by many to be the most well-balanced rectangular pool available.


L36 identity

The L Series

Pool Size: 16 x 36
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A timeless design with relevant features, the L36 model showcases a grand tanning ledge, sizable deep end bench, and roomy pool interior.


T40 Identity

The T Series

Pool Size: 16 x 40 x 8'6" Deep
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The T40 model is 6" deeper than most of the fiberglass deep end pools on the market, with a shallow end 30% larger than the industry standard.


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