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Fiberglass Pool Designs

Our designs reflect our desire to bring joy to you and your family

Discover the full line of pool models manufactured at our state-of-the-art facility in Virginia. When you're ready for a quote we'll connect you with an independent authorized dealer serving your area.

C35 identityC40 identity

The C Series

Pool Size: 16 x 35 | 16 x 40  
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The C Series features a tanning ledge, generous bench seat, and stunning curve appeal while providing more swim space than any other pool in its class.




The I Series

Pool Size: 12 x 25 | 14 x 30
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The I Series strikes the perfect balance between curve appeal and swim space. 


D24 identityD28 identityD32 identityD36 identityD40 identity

The D Series

Pool Size: 12 x 24 | 15 x 28 | 15 x 32 | 16 x 36 | 16 x 40  
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Looking for the perfect tanning ledge pool? Adults can lounge and relax, kids can splash and play, and both discover a new dimension of the backyard pool experience with the D Series.


 R20 identityR24 identityR28 identityR32 identityR36 identityR40 identity

The R Series

Pool Sizes: 10 x 20 | 12 x 24 | 15 x 28 | 15 x 32 | 16 x 36 | 16 x 40
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The R Series features ample seating areas, a vast pool interior, and sleek clean lines. It's considered by many to be the most well-balanced rectangular pool available.


L36 identity

The L Series

Pool Size: 16 x 36
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A timeless design with relevant features, the L36 model showcases a grand tanning ledge, sizable deep end bench, and roomy pool interior.


T40 Identity

The T Series

Pool Size: 16 x 40 x 8'6" Deep
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The T40 model is 6" deeper than most of the fiberglass deep end pools on the market, with a shallow end 30% larger than the industry standard.




M Series

Pool Size: 10 x 25 | 14 x 35 
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Looking for a modern design that can host the perfect evening party after the workout is complete? The M Series features a tanning ledge, spacious bench seating and a dedicated swim lane.



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