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Pool Builders and Professionals, We Welcome You to the Future

What Makes Us Different?

A Digital Marketing Powerhouse

We convert tons of leads that love our content, already understand the benefits of fiberglass pools, and align with our philosophy. As our trusted dealer, we would send these leads to you.

Builder-Friendly Pools

We've installed well over 1,000 fiberglass pools from many of the major brands in the country, so we know what builders want in a pool shell. Our pools are level, straight, and incredibly strong.

Relevant Designs

Having sat across the table with thousands of pool shoppers, we have a pulse on what shapes, sizes, features, and colors are trending. We make it our mission to create elegant designs that people adore.

Sales Distinctives

We invite our authorized dealers to leverage the innovations we've developed over the years. Our River Certified Dealer Program gives you the tools to set yourself apart from the competition.

River Certified Dealer Program

Perceived by many as the authority on fiberglass pool installation, we garner tremendous trust with the consumer. Our River Certified Dealer Program allows us to transfer that consumer trust to you with an official certification.

Training and Support

Need help with installation, sales, or marketing? We are here for you. Come train on how to install our pools with our crew. Go on sales appointments with our associates. Schedule a time for marketing consulting. Our success is tied to your success; we want to help you any way we can.

We Are Here to Support Our Dealers

Here at River Pools, we have dedicated our professional lives to being the best fiberglass pool marketers, manufacturers, installers, and educators we can possibly be. We want to share what we have with those who are willing to make the effort to be successful.

River Pools: an Industry Leader

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