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River Pools and Spas is a 4-Time Top 50 Pool Builder in 2021

River Pools and Spas is a 4-Time Top 50 Pool Builder in 2021

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Joining the elite class of Pool and Spa News’ (PSN) Top 50 Builders marks any builder as both a major success and as a name to watch in the pool-building industry.


River Pools and Spas is one of PSN’s Top 50 in 2021. It’s our fourth placement, second straight ranking... and our third ranking in four years.


Since 2018, we’ve been honored and grateful to appear on three of PSN’s Top 50 rankings, including 2020’s 14th-place rank. We first earned a Top 50 badge way back in 2012, for four total awards… and we sure don’t plan to stop at four. 2022, here we come!


Our original Warsaw, VA location placed at rank 41 for PSN’s 2021 Top 50 list. Jason Hughes, our Founder and CEO, calls the latest placement “quite an honor for a small family-oriented company from Warsaw!”


Hughes also says, “We believe, first and foremost, in the value of family time. Knowing our work helps families spend more time together is our greatest reward.”


Our Top 50 team! L to R: Cristian Shirilla, Aaron Daley, Bethany Walston, Jason Hughes, Marcus Sheridan, Kacie Butler, Wes Butler.


And on another positive note, we were (again) the only Virginia-based pool builder to place on the PSN Top 50, just as we did last year.


Growth begins with a great team

PSN calculated Warsaw’s year-over-year growth at 12%, but our entire network of dealers and franchisees actually installed nearly twice as many fiberglass pools as we put in the ground nationwide in 2019.


We’re all working as hard as we can to put over 2,000 fiberglass pool shells in backyards like yours in 2021, and many more each year thereafter. Growth is a team effort, and we wouldn’t be here without the hard work and talent of our fast-expanding team of River Pools builders across America.


Our growth and success begins with a process developed by our founder and CEO, Jason Hughes -- the River Pools Way.


This thorough installation process has helped us grow from a two-guys-and-a-truck setup into a nationwide leader in the manufacturing and installation of fiberglass pools. We now use the River Pools Way to manufacture top-quality fiberglass pool shells in our state-of-the-art factory as well, which allows us to deliver the best possible pool-buying experience, from the first gelcoat application to the last day of your pool installation.


Our first commitment has always been to our customers -- when you work with River Pools, we treat you like family, and the River Pools Way helps ensure that your entry into the River Pools family is a memorable, uplifting experience that sets you up to build a lifetime of amazing memories in your new pool.


Looking to the future

We’re always honored to be considered one of America’s best pool builders, but we’re not the type to rest on our laurels. We started in Warsaw, Virginia, but we now have 14 authorized River Pools dealers and installers across the country, including some great teams as far west as Utah and Idaho.


Check out our locations page to see if there’s a River Pools dealer in your area… and if you’re interested in joining our Top 50 team in a new location, click the button below to talk to us about becoming the authorized River Pools builder for your area!


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At River Pools, we manufacture world-class fiberglass pools for customers across North America. If you're shopping around for a fiberglass pool, feel free to take a look at our catalog of models, visit our extensive video library, try out our pool cost calculator, or request custom pricing using the button below.