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How to Find the Perfect Property for a Future Pool: 5 Valuable Tips!

How to Find the Perfect Property for a Future Pool: 5 Valuable Tips!

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At River Pools we receive calls on a daily basis from folks who are in the process of looking for a new home or property where they can install a future pool.  They all want to know the same thing: “What should I look for in a property where I can install the pool of my dreams?” That’s a great question and we just happen to have some great pointers, so let’s dive right in!


5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Property for a Pool

#1:  A Level Site

The biggest single factor that impacts the cost of an inground pool how flat or sloped the yard is.


Two words: retaining walls. They are expensive, there’s no getting around that. In fact, it’s not uncommon for our clients to spend $8,000 to $25,000 on retaining walls. In a flat yard, this is an unnecessary expense. And a word of caution, to the untrained eye, a yard that has several feet of slope can appear to be flat, so if you’re really serious about this, have a professional help you determine the slope of the yard. 


#2:  Accessibility for Construction Equipment

Insure there’s enough room for the necessary equipment to access the pool area. The amount of space needed will vary from region to region, but with us, we typically need at least a 10-foot-wide path on the ground for the equipment and at least a 14 to 18-foot-wide space between buildings or trees to get the fiberglass pool to the backyard. We can certainly work with a fraction of this space, but it starts to affect the price of the installation.


#3:  Confirm Property Lines are Where You Suppose

This sounds like a no-brainer, but we’ve actually had instances where people have purchased a piece of property with what seemed to be the perfect backyard for a pool, only to find out that the location of the rear property line was misrepresented by the real estate agent.

This oversight literally cut “their backyard” in half and eliminated the possibility of a pool until the land was eventually acquired. So, be sure to inspect the plat/survey and double check the measurements in the yard to confirm the property lines...just to be on the safe side.   


#4:  Check the Requirements of the City, Town, or County

Within our service area there are cities, towns, and counties that have very stringent regulations that substantially impact the price of installing a pool. These localities require grading plans, storm water management plans, etc. based on the amount of impervious cover or “disturbed area” from the pool area and construction process. 

This can result in additional expenses varying from several thousand dollars to as much as twenty-five thousand dollars depending on the situation. We strongly advise that you contact the local building and zoning departments and disclose your intent to install an inground pool and ask what regulations may apply. 


#5:  Identify Easements and/or Setbacks

Easements and setbacks limit the areas you can add improvements on your property.  Easements are associated with conditions specific to the property such as utility easements which exist to prevent damage to utility lines and drainage easements that exist to insure drainage pathways are not obstructed. Easements should be shown on the survey or plat of the property. 

Setbacks are imposed by the locality and are generalized to a specific region.  The setback will state how close the pool or patio can be to the side or rear property lines or to the house. To get this information, simply call the local building and zoning department. Also check with the Home Owners Association if applicable to see what regulations might impact an inground pool project. 


Well, there you have it! Five tips for finding the perfect property for your future inground pool.  We hope this helps you on your journey to making your pool dreams a reality!  Please feel free to share any comments or questions below.

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