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River Pools Finds Jimmy Hoffa

River Pools Finds Jimmy Hoffa

The archaeologists at River Pools are back at it again!

Only this time, they dug up something a little spookier than an undisclosed utility line.

During a routine excavation, our installation team seems to have solved the mystery of Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance.

Or something like that.

On July 20th, the pool building crew was excavating for a fiberglass pool installation in Urbanna, Virginia, when they came across what appeared to be bones.


"At first we thought it was an animal, but as we kept digging, we realized that it's not any type of animal that we've seen before," says Franklin. 


Upon closer investigation, they discovered that the bones looked eerily similar to human remains.

Disturbed by what they stumbled upon, they quickly called the Sheriff's office to report the finding.


Human remains found at pool construction site

Photo Credit: Middlesex County Sheriff's Office


As the River Pools crew waited for authorities to arrive, they pondered the mysteries they may have just solved.

Could it be the long lost Jimmy Hoffa?


Ultimately, the case was handed over to the Department of Historical Resources, who confirmed that the remains were indeed human, and they may date as far back as the 18th century.

After taking a closer look at the skeleton, Dr. David Brown estimated that the body is most likely from the 1700s to the 1800s. While it can't be Jimmy Hoffa according to these lab reports, we are still left wondering who our mystery John or Jane Doe is.


Pool construction put on hold during investigation of human remains

River Pools pauses the pool's installation while authorities resolve the situation. Photo Credit: ABC 8 News


After nearly a month of waiting, the specialists over at Historical Resources finally exhumed the remains for further examination.

Soon we may have more answers about who this might be and why they were buried under the backyard of a family home.

The pool installation is also scheduled to continue once the archaeology team collects more data from the scene. Aside from a slight delay, the exhumation and investigation should not pose an issue for the family's fiberglass pool installation.

As we await more information from the forensics department, the question lingers: Would the remains ever have been found if it weren't for the pool's construction?

We may never know.

If you think you've got dinosaur bones, hidden treasure, or even a dead body in your backyard, be sure to give us a call!


Even if you don't have an unsolved mystery in your backyard, we'd be more than happy to help you get a beautiful new fiberglass pool. You can request pricing using the button below, browse our pool models, or try out our fiberglass pool cost calculator for a quick estimate today!




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