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Yes, Swimming Pools are Safe from Coronavirus

Yes, Swimming Pools are Safe from Coronavirus

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It’s official - the CDC has stated that there is no evidence that the new coronavirus can be spread through swimming pools and spas.

We wanted to make this clear because even over the last week, as we’ve been chatting with homeowners about a swimming pool, this is a question that has already started to come up in conversations.

With so little understanding of the virus currently in the world, we wanted to at least clarify any concerns regarding coronavirus and swimming pools.

This being said, even though the virus should have no chance in an adequately sanitized pool, keep in mind the pool or spa must be operated correctly to prevent the possible transition of any virus or bacteria on the water. Sanitizing the pool as required (typically with chlorine or bromine) and maintaining the proper chemical balance should be enough to inactivate any traces of potential sickness or virus, including coronavirus, that may be in the pool.

If you are an existing or future swimming pool owner, here are a few tips that you can follow:

  • Keep up your pool sanitation, test the pool chemistry on a weekly basis, and balance your chemicals accordingly (pay special attention to your pH levels).
  • Keep anyone who is sick or feeling unwell out of the pool.
  • If you have several people in your pool or spa, make sure that you don’t exceed the recommended user load for your pool size (about one person per three linear feet).
  • Wash all pool towels in hot water and sanitize poolside and in-pool furniture.
  • Wash the pool deck with chlorinated water, especially in any areas where puddles form.
  • Try supplemental sanitizers, like an ozone or UV system, to help eliminate the presence of viruses from the water.

coronavirus pool safety

Hopefully, this eliminates any concerns you may have had about the coronavirus and swimming pools. Fact is, with so many families looking at more “Staycations” in the future (due to a lack of travel), this is a subject on many people’s minds, and as with anything else in this industry, we feel it’s our job to lead the conversations that are being had herein.

If you think that a pool might be a good choice for your family, feel free to visit our learning center for more educational resources to help you get started on your swimming pool journey. You can also check out our extensive video library or use our pool pricing calculator tool to see if a fiberglass pool will fit with your budget.

Before you go, be sure to download our free ebook so that you can get an in-depth look at the three main inground pool types while you shop around. Happy swimming!


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