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Guide To Hitting Rock and Water During Inground Pool Construction: Removal and Cost Explained!

Posted by Jason Hughes


After installing over 1,000 inground fiberglass pools throughout Virginia, Maryland, and West Virginia since 2001 we at River Pools have worked in a wide variety of soil conditions, ranging from coastal areas that are literally below sea level, to mountainous regions engorged with bedrock.  

As such, we have had to learn to deal with both high water tables (ground water) and the removal of rock for the installation of our pools.  

If you are considering an inground pool, you likely have a myriad of questions regarding how water and rock can influence the construction of your project, and whether the soil condition should impact which type of pool you purchase.  

Today, we're going to tackle these questions and hopefully give you the information you need to feel comfortable moving one step closer to owning your own backyard pool.  So let's jump right in!

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Freeform Pools 101: Designs, Cost, and Construction Questions Answered

Posted by Jason Hughes


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Inground Pool Construction and Trees: 7 Common Questions and Answers

Posted by Jason Hughes


Are you thinking of installing a pool in a yard with trees?  After surveying hundreds of yards in Va, Md, and WV for inground fiberglass pools over the years we have encountered many different tree scenarios, and would like to share our experience with you today.

Here are some common tree questions we are going to cover: 

  • How close can I install my pool to an existing tree?
  • Which trees should stay and which should go?
  • How can I protect my trees during construction?
  • Is it okay to build up dirt around the base of a tree? 
  • Should I be concerned about tree roots damaging my pool or patio in the future?
  • What should I do with the stumps after trees are removed? 
  • Can I come back and remove trees after the pool is installed? 

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Fiberglass Pool Plumbing Video: 2 Bullet-proof Ways To Prevent Post Installation Leaks

Posted by Jason Hughes

When we first began installing fiberglass pools in the early 2000's we encountered our share of problems.  Despite the fact that we fixed each one and made sure every customer was happy, we were still left asking the question:

What went wrong?

Many of these issues were leaks that developed in the plumbing of the pool or in the fittings that the plumbing was connected to.  In the following video I explain our process, called Rhino-Loc Construction, that we developed specifically to eliminate these plumbing problems along with the other challenges associated with fiberglass pool installations.

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Fiberglass Pool Installation Video: How To Secure A Pool With Rhino-Rods

Posted by Jason Hughes


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Inground Swimming Pool Construction: Is Sand Or Stone Better Backfill For A Fiberglass Pool?

Posted by Jason Hughes


If you are considering an inground swimming pool you probably have a lot of questions about how they are constructed.  Before we get into the following video that covers a key component of fiberglass pool installations, let me introduce you to our FREE inground pool ebook, that goes into great detail regarding the installation processes of all three types of inground pools: Concrete Inground Pools, Vinyl Liner Pools, and Fiberglass Pools.  

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Fiberglass Pool Installation Problems Solved: Rhino-Loc Construction Explained!

Posted by Jason Hughes


I'll be completely honest....at River Pools we have made just about every fiberglass pool installation mistake possible.  

Our major learning curve occurred in our first years in business beginning in 2001.  We fixed every problem and insured our customers were happy, and the evidence is our reference list which is over 1,000 names long.  But we also asked a powerful question:

What are the underlying causes of these problems?

In the following video, taken from our 2016 River Pools Powered by Thursday Pools Dealer Conference,

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7 Things To Consider When Building A Fiberglass Pool At A Home Under Construction

Posted by Jason Hughes


Whether you are a pool builder or a home owner, it's important to understand that the process of building a fiberglass pool on a home under construction presents some unique challenges.  However, if these are understood and discussed beforehand they can be easily overcome.  

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Can Water Behind A Fiberglass Pool Cause Osmotic Blisters Or Damage The Gelcoat Surface?

Posted by Jason Hughes


If you are looking for information about how fiberglass pools are manufactured, you have come to the right place today!

Being a manufacturer of fiberglass pools, we receive lots of questions on a daily basis about the materials we use, how they are applied, and how they perform in the field.  

The following video is a video clip from our 2016 Dealer Conference where one of our dealers asked, "Is it possible for water to penetrate from the backside of a fiberglass pool and cause osmotic blisters?" 

This is a great question, and luckily Bill Khamis, 35 year composites veteran and

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4 Fiberglass Pool Manufacturing Problems Solved: Our Vinyl Ester Barrier Coat Explained

Posted by Jason Hughes


If you are seriously considering an inground fiberglass pool I'm going to make two assumptions:

#1.  You are actively searching for specific information from fiberglass pool manufacturers about the actual materials they use and how they are applied.

#2.  Up to this point, your search has been in vain. 

Luckily, your search is over.  

In the following video taken from an educational session of our 2016 Dealer Conference, Bill Khamis, partner at River Pools Powered by Thursday Pools Manufacturing, outlines the specific causes of several manufacturing challenges the fiberglass pool industry has faced over recent decades.  But he doesn't stop there.

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River/Thursday Dealer Conference Marks New Era in Fiberglass Pool Industry

Posted by Marcus Sheridan


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Retaining Walls For Pools 101: Types, Prices, And Features

Posted by Jake Harding


If you're interested in purchasing an inground pool and you have a sloped backyard, then you've probably considered incorporating a retaining wall into your design.  In the following video, we'll cover the most popular questions people have about retaining walls around inground pools.  Here's what we'll be discussing in the video:

  • Types of retaining walls around pools
  • Retaining wall cost and prices
  • Popular retaining wall features
  • Basic retaining wall construction around pools
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Cantilevered Concrete Coping For Inground Pools: Advantages, Installation,  And A Video Tour Of A Beautiful Pool!

Posted by Jason Hughes


If you are considering an inground pool, you've probably noticed there a lot of decisions to make!  From the type of pool, to options and accessories, to the type of patio and coping; all of these details impact the look and feel of your finished pool...as well as your budget.  

One detail that may not initially stand out is the pool coping, or material that borders the perimeter of the pool.  In the video below, we discuss a particular type of coping called cantilevered concrete coping.   

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Pool Loans 101: Rates, Payments, and How to Qualify

Posted by Jason Hughes


If you are considering an inground swimming pool and have a realistic expectation of how much it will cost, the next step is to explore the various pool financing options available to you.  Here at River Pools Powered By Thursday Pools Manufacturing we have had the opportunity to help hundreds of clients make their backyard dreams a reality, by not only manufacturing and installing their pools, but also by helping answer their questions about pool loans and financing and directing them to financial institutions that can best serve their needs.

If you find yourself in need of more pool financing info, you're in luck because today we’re going to answer the most common

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Small Pools 101: Shapes, Dimensions, Features And Other Considerations

Posted by Jason Hughes


If you are considering an inground pool and have limited space to work with you're likely thinking that a small pool could be the way to go.  Today we're going to discuss some of the major questions we receive on a daily basis here at River Pools Powered by Thursday Pools Manufacturing from folks who think that a small pool might be the best option for their backyard.  Let's jump right in!

What Are The Dimensions or Sizes Of Small Pools?

We consider small pools to be up to 26' long and up to 12' or 13' wide.  If this is too small for you, perhaps a medium pool, which ranges up to

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The Ultimate Swimming Pool Builder Vetting Checklist

Posted by Jason Hughes


If you are seriously considering an inground swimming pool, you’ve probably discovered that there are a lot of decisions to make!  

At the top of this list stands one preeminent question:

How do I select a reputable swimming pool builder?  

This question is so important because the expertise and integrity of your pool builder will play a huge role in determining the final outcome of your project.  To assist you in this process, we at River Pools Powered by Thursday Pools Manufacturing have put together a checklist to help you vett potential pool builders.  This checklist is based on our experience of not only working with over 1,000 inground pool customers throughout Virginia and Maryland, but also from helping hundreds of folks who found us through the internet find reputable swimming pool builders in their area (see more about this below).  So, regardless of where you live or whether you are looking for a concrete, vinyl liner, or fiberglass pool, this checklist will help you identify various criteria to look for when selecting your swimming pool builder.  Okay, let’s jump right in!


The Ultimate Swimming Pool Builder Vetting Checklist

Contractor Name: ___________________________________________________________

1.  Business Information and Experience

__ The company is licensed and insured

note: ask if the name on the license is the same as the company name. If not, find out why.

__ Find out how many years the company has been in business

Years in business:  __________

note: 43% of contractors fail within the first three years after start-up

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How Durable Are Fiberglass Pools And How Long Do They Last?

Posted by Jason Hughes


After years of working with hundreds of inground fiberglass pool customers we have found that there are several key factors that our clients research when preparing for their project such as cost and pricing, the amount of pool maintenance required, and how long they can expect their fiberglass pool to last.

Today, we are going to discuss the latter, and share with you what we know about the durability of inground fiberglass swimming pools.  So Let's get started!

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How Fiberglass Pools Are Made: 3 Step Video Guide

Posted by Jason Hughes


Have you ever wondered how an inground fiberglass pool is created?  In the following video we introduce the three step process to making a fiberglass pool from scratch:

1.  The production of the Pattern or "Plug"

2.  The production of the Mold

3.  The production of the Pool

The video shows the "birth" of our first Oasis 27 pool from the mold.  This process begins with the production of the pattern.  As you'll see in the video, a pattern is the original shape of the pool shell.  It is constructed using wood, fiberglass, body filler, and primer.  

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How Are Fiberglass Pool Molds Made?

Posted by Jason Hughes


As one of the leading manufacturers of fiberglass pool shells in America we get asked all the time, “How do you create a new fiberglass pool design from scratch?”.   

It’s a question we love answering because it’s a fascinating process and we honestly feel that the more informed the consumer is about the product they are buying, the happier they will be with it in the end.  

With that said, there is a three step process in the creation of a new fiberglass pool design.  

3 Steps To Creating A New Fiberglass Pool Design: 

  • Step One:  The Pattern
  • Step Two:  The Mold
  • Step Three: The Pool

This is a very detailed process that we can’t cover entirely in this article, but we can give you the basic concept behind the first two essential steps, constructing the pattern and producing the mold.  

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4 Inground Pool Options That Are Trending In 2016

Posted by Jason Hughes


What's Hot In The World Of Inground Pools Today? 

One advantage we have here at River Pools Powered by Thursday Pools Manufacturing is that helping hundreds of inground pool clients plan and design their dream pools allows us to keep a pulse on the options, accessories, and features that are trending in the inground pool marketplace.  And today we want to share this with you!

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