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How to Pour Concrete Coping around a Fiberglass Pool [Video]

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One of the biggest factors in the success of a fiberglass pool project is the proper forming and pouring of the concrete patio. The absolute best way to achieve maximum structural integrity, as well as aesthetics, is to use cantilever forms. But as we've talked about many times in this blog, the reality is that many fiberglass pool builders have not yet fully grasped this construction technique.

This is why we at River Pools and Spas are so excited about this video, as it is, at least as far as we're aware,  the first of its kind. We hope that this video will be a tool for novice and even experienced fiberglass pool builders around the world to help them refine their trade and in-turn elevate the entire industry. We also hope this video will be utilized by homeowners attempting to bite off the huge task of building their own fiberglass pool from scratch in a DIY project.



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