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Why Fiberglass Pool Installations Are Not As Stressful As You Think!

Why Fiberglass Pool Installations Are Not As Stressful As You Think!

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I met with a great couple last night for a project planning meeting. 

They are ecstatic about getting their new fiberglass pool just in time for summer, but during the meeting they continued to bring up a terrible experience they had the previous year with another contractor. 

Apparently, they were told that their backyard patio and retaining wall project would be completed sometime in July. But to their great astonishment, the project dragged on and wasn’t wrapped up until late November. 

In their words: “We lost our entire summer and fall!”

They continued to explain that they felt like prisoners in their own home for half a year; during the majority of the project their entire yard was a disaster and they were constantly left in the dark by the contractor. Even though this event had ended months ago, I could still cut the stress in the room with a knife…this was a big hairy deal!

So you’re probably asking, “Jason, why are you bringing this up?”

For one reason:  When it comes to construction projects, the amount of stress you experience as the home-owner is directly related to how long the project takes.   

So the question is this: All other things being equal, would you rather have a quick, relatively stress-free experience in your backyard, or tie up four to six months of your life with mud, schedules, and a bunch of dudes wandering around your property? Because that’s the difference between a fiberglass pool and a concrete pool.


Swimming in No Time!

Fiberglass pools, when installed by an experienced and organized team, happen really, really quick. 

In fact, with our team, 80% of the work is completed within the first two days!  Give us another week or so for inspections and concrete/deck work and we’re done…sayonara…adios…enjoy your pool!

Of course, there are variables that can add to that to construction time like weather, other accessories like elaborate water features, retaining walls, or a site with tough access. But on average, our typical fiberglass pool project with a pool and a normal size patio takes 1½-2 ½ weeks. 

Compare that to the typical concrete pool which takes an average of 12-24 weeks and good grief…you might as well start charging them rent! 

I have never talked to a concrete pool owner who actually said they enjoyed the process of pool construction. Why? Because of the time/stress thing! 

However, the process of fiberglass pool installation can actually be…say it with me:  FUN! 


Here Are 5 Reasons Fiberglass Pool Installations Can Be Fun for You and Your Family

1.  It’s just dang cool! 

Watching that huge pool roll in on the truck; holding your breath as the pool is maneuvered to the backyard; watching as it’s filled with that cool liquid you’ll be floating in in no time…it’s just cool!


2.  Quick Projects are “Murphy Repellant”

I stole the phrase “Murphy Repellent” from financial guru Dave Ramsay. Murphy says ‘if something can go wrong it will’. Well, not if it doesn’t have time to! Imagine Murphy watching from the bushes every day of your pool construction plotting his next move. He has a lot more time to plan with a concrete pool, right?  Fiberglass is shock and awe, baby!  We are in and out before Murphy even knows we’re there.


3.  Problems Are Different When You’re Already Swimming

Here’s the thing: time not only adds stress, it also amplifies problems. A minor snag on day two of a project that is addressed immediately, doesn’t slow anything down, and is barely noticed becomes a huge deal if it occurs during week 19 when all parties are ‘just ready for this to be over’. Every day a project lingers brings you closer to the breaking point. As the threshold between ‘happy’ and ‘utterly frustrated’ shrinks, it takes less and less to take you over the edge.  But you don’t have to worry about that…because you’re already swimming!


4.  Life's Back to Normal ASAP

Soccer practice, yoga, music lessons, vacation, the dogs, the neighbors…think of all the stuff in your life affected by an inground pool project. Think of a fiberglass pool installation as the 50 yard dash of construction projects; a short burst of energy that has you a little winded for a second, but life’s back to normal before you really even notice. Concrete pool construction, on the other hand is more like a marathon…it will test your endurance. 


5.  More Time to Enjoy Your Pool!

That’s what this is all about right? Enjoying your pool? You get to do more of that when it’s done in two weeks as opposed to twenty-four. Plus, if the overall experience is pleasurable, reflecting on it will be pleasurable as well, not like my friends with the backyard patio who re-live the whole nightmare over again every time it comes up.   

So, there you have it! Two diametrically opposed approaches to backyard pool construction: a 2–3 week short burst, or a 3–6 month marathon. I understand that construction time isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing an inground pool, but we can all use a little less stress in our lives, right?

What say you? Please feel free to add to the conversation. Enter comments or questions in the comment section below. 

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