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10 Things You Must Know BEFORE Signing a Fiberglass Pool Contract

10 Things You Must Know BEFORE Signing a Fiberglass Pool Contract

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Although we’ve written similar articles to this one on the blog before, the following letter prompted me to come up with a list of things fiberglass pool consumers must check on/know before they agree to any work from a contractor. As you will see from the following letter I received a few days ago (I've withheld all names involved), such a list can save a homeowner from many potential problems


I have run across your "Blog" while in the process of getting a pool installed and checking to make sure the installation was proper and have discovered that as I had thought I am looking to a future of extreme problems with my pool. My installer (name withheld) has set the pool on dirt and backfilled with dirt. (Name withheld), who runs the company, had told me due to the high sand content of the dirt in my yard this was acceptable. He is due back this week to finish the Job. The pool thus far is only sitting in the hole and has been filled and partially emptied twice. It currently has had no finish done on the deck (which I was doing myself) or the plumbing. What advice would you have to offer to fix this situation? I understand the pool needs to be pulled and reinstalled but my question is more on the side of what does one do to address the contractor and the money aspect....


10 Things You Must Know Before Signing a Fiberglass Pool Contract

  1. Shell Warranty from the Manufacturer (fully written out, including all disclaimers)
  2. Pool Contractor’s Building License/Insurance Info
  3. Pool Contractor’s Disclaimers
  4. Who’s getting permits (pool, fencing, electrical, etc)
  5. Type of Base and Backfill Used (Gravel, NOT sand or dirt)
  6. Type of Plumbing Used (Hard pipe not flex)
  7. Any Pricing, Specs, Etc for Retaining Walls
  8. Person Responsible for the Pool’s Coping/Decking
  9. Person Reponsible for the Pool’s Electrical Hook Up
  10. Person Responsible for the Pool’s Fencing

Just by following this simple list (and not skipping any of the recommendations), I can assure you that most disasters like the one above will be prevented and the process of having your pool installed will very likely be an enjoyable and pleasant one.

As always, happy swimming and I hope everyone had a great summer in the pool. :)


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Editor's note (5/17/24): 
This article was originally written by Marcus Sheridan, (Partner, River Pools Virginia). Any opinions expressed are those of the author. Any prices referenced were based on information that was readily available at the time.

River Pools is a brand of inground fiberglass pools produced via the River Pools division of the manufacturing facility in Fortville, IN. While our expertise is in fiberglass pool manufacturing, we have a network of expertise relating to all things inground pools. Our own collective experience from over the years spans manufacturing, project design, installation, and pool service. We often tap into this knowledge base and share information freely with homeowners, just like you, who are considering having a swimming pool installed in your backyard.