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Are Fiberglass Pools Too Skinny? And Does Width Really Matter?

Are Fiberglass Pools Too Skinny? And Does Width Really Matter?

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I had an interesting experience last week with a gentleman who was considering a pool. As we were standing in his backyard and doing a general lay-off of the pool, he quickly dismissed the idea of fiberglass because it simply wasn’t wide enough. After a few minutes of Q & A though, the customer decided he really just needed to talk to some of our existing clients who own a pool and get their take on the matter.


Are Fiberglass Pools Wide Enough For Play?

I bring up this little story because it is true that in certain applications, fiberglass pools may be too skinny for some, especially in commercial pool settings. (Fiberglass pools are limited in most cases to a 16' width due to transportation laws.) At the same time though, I have seen some consumers over the years get caught up in an extra few feet of pool width, which ultimately forces them to settle on a pool with other drawbacks like more maintenance, surface roughness, long term costs, etc.

To be quite frank though, I have found that most consumers over-value pool width in general. Although I’m not saying here that it doesn’t have some relevance in the buying decision, I’ve seen case after case where a homeowner "settled" on getting something a few feet skinnier than they had anticipated but were ultimately thrilled with the result. In fact, I can promise you this:

Once you get to a certain point, pool width does not dictate enjoyment and happiness.


blue fiberglass pool with waterfall


Think about this fact for a second. On the east coast of the US, many consumers learn about fiberglass pools when they go to places like the Outer Banks of NC or Myrtle Beach area. And guess what type of pools dominate this region? Fiberglass of course.

As families go on vacations in these areas, they find fiberglass pools to be fun, easy on the feet, and very little maintenance. What’s really interesting though is the fact that just about all the fiberglass pools in this area are very small. 12’x24’ kidneys abound in time-shares up and down the beach. Notwithstanding their size though, vacationers love these pools and have a blast in them all week long….and then head home and the process of finding a pool contractor begins.

Do you know how many customers have told me that if they had to do it over again they’d go concrete or vinyl due to the fact that it was a bit wider?

Zero. Nada. Zilch.

That’s right, not a single one. But this is also why references are important for current pool shoppers having this debate so that they can actually talk with others just like them that may have had to also address this concern.

So, before you dismiss a fiberglass swimming pool because of a couple of feet lacking in the width area, make sure you do your research first. Talk to others that own a fiberglass pool and get their thoughts. I think you’ll be surprised at just how little impact 2 or 3 feet will have on you and your family’s years of enjoyment with a new back yard swimming pool oasis.


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Questions? Comments? Also, if there are any existing fiberglass pool owners out there with an opinion, I’d invite you to share your thoughts.


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Editor's note: This article was updated on September 13, 2023.