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Awesome Fiberglass Pool Installation Video!

Awesome Fiberglass Pool Installation Video!

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Many people, especially when debating over whether to install a fiberglass pool themselves or have a professional installer do it for them, are frankly not quite sure of what a proper installation entails.

As we have done with so many other videos regarding the swimming pool industry, this video (produced by Jason Hughes) takes all the essential steps of unloading, excavating, setting, plumbing, filling with water, and backfilling a fiberglass pool and rolls it into a concise yet extremely informative and entertaining 10-minute video.


Upon reviewing the video, if anyone has any comments or questions about what a proper fiberglass pool installation involves, please don't hesitate to put your thoughts below.

As always, we appreciate the involvement of the community that has grown here at the River Pools and Spas blog.


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