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Do Inflatable Pools Need More Maintenance than Inground Fiberglass Pools?

Do Inflatable Pools Need More Maintenance than Inground Fiberglass Pools?

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We’ve all seen an increase in the “blow-up ring” pools peppering backyards across the country.  Heck, I’d say that at least half of the time when we show up to install an inground fiberglass pool, there’s a circular imprint on the ground where a blow-up pool used to be.

I guess it was time for a slight upgrade :)

But the question is this:  Is it possible that a $300–$500 blow-up pool actually requires more time and money to maintain than an inground fiberglass pool?

The answer is a resounding, “Yes!”

How is this possible?  Blow-up pools are a fraction of the size and therefore have far less water and hold far less bathers.


above ground inflatable swimming pool


Here are 2 Reasons Inflatable Easy Set Pools Are Difficult to Maintain

1. Inadequate filtration

Inflatable Easy Set pools come with a grossly undersized pump and filter system.  This makes it almost impossible to keep the water clear and algae free.  Folks often find that inordinate amounts of chlorine and other chemicals are required to keep the water usable.  The problem is that both adequate filtration and chemicals are required to keep a pool in tip-top shape, and during the hottest months of the year, chemicals simply can’t compensate for the poor filtration that occurs in blow-up pools. 


2. No way to properly vacuum the pool

Pools with a proper pump and filter system utilize the suction from the pump to vacuum the pool. This is done by connecting a hose to the skimmer and simply vacuuming all the debris from the bottom of the pool into the filter.

A blow up pool has no skimmer, and the provided cartridge filter couldn’t handle that amount debris even if it did.  So the designated way to “clean” these pools is to attach a pressure cleaner to your garden hose which blows the debris off the floor of the pool into an attached bag.  Needless to say, this is a losing battle….it’s virtually impossible to properly clean the pool in this manner.

So, what you end up with is a pool that is virtually impossible to keep clean and clear.  But hey, for $300-$500 what can you expect right? It gets you a pool in the backyard, and that’s all most folks are looking for.  Look, I fully understand that we’re talking about two opposite ends of the pool budget spectrum here, but here’s my point: 

These inflatable easy set pools feed the common misconception that POOLS = MUCHO MAINTENANCE. Don’t buy into that antiquated paradigm…fiberglass pools are easy, the easiest on the planet. 



small fiberglass inground pool


Why Fiberglass Pools Are Easier to Maintain

1. Inground Fiberglass Pools are naturally algae deterrent  

The surface is non-porous, which means there’s nowhere for algae to embed.  This means less chemical use and less brushing the sides….so far so good.


2. Inground Pool filter systems are often oversized

This means more than adequate filtration, which as we remember, is half of the clear water equation.  Where you often have to clean inflatable pool filters daily, with our oversized cartridge filters, most pool owners only have to clean their filters several times a season. 


3. Vacuuming is a breeze

Great horse power + great equipment = easy cleaning and vacuuming.

Well that’s it!  As we can see, inground fiberglass pools actually are easier to maintain than inflatable easy set pools. Another mystery of the universe uncovered here at River Pools. 

Comments, Questions, Disagreements…all are welcome!


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