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Do Fiberglass Pools Work in Colder/Northern Climates?

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This just in: the following statements are TRUE!

  • The world is flat!
  • The sun rotates around the earth!
  • Fiberglass pools do not work in cold climates!

Since entering the world of fiberglass pools roughly twenty years ago, I've had the privilege to hear some incredibly false and off-the-wall claims and myths regarding fiberglass swimming pools.

Of course, seeing this problem, and realizing it was frankly a direct result of so many concrete and vinyl pool dealers being scared to death of fiberglass's potential in the market, we decided at River Pools to become the leaders of swimming pool education, especially fiberglass pool education throughout the industry.

This desire is a reflection of the blog you are currently reading as well as the points of this present article in which I find myself engaged.

A customer I've been working with recently received quite a few quotes from various pool builders. This gentleman lives in Northern Maryland, almost in Delaware, and he has been told by more than one builder that fiberglass pools are not a good choice for northern regions of the United States and other colder climates.

This being said, I'd like to stress the following statement:

Anyone who tells you fiberglass pools will not work in colder climates is using fear tactics as a method for you to choose another type of pool. In other words, this person is dishonest and doesn't merit your business.


You see, whenever I've confronted a contractor who has made such a statement, they've never been able to scientifically prove this 'phenomenon' whatsoever. Let me just state a few simple facts regarding this 'cold climate' nonsense.

  1. Fiberglass Pools have become extremely popular in Canada (The last I checked, Canada was pretty cold).
  2. As water-carrying vessels, swimming pools, whether they are concrete or fiberglass, have the same ability to be ‘moved' by elements of nature. This is why such features as hydrostatic release valves, French drains, cantilevered decks, etc are commonly installed on said pools.
  3. Freezing water (in the pool itself) also does not affect fiberglass pools. (Pipes must be winterized.)

So the moral of this little blog article is...If any pool guy has the nerve to use such a false statement like cold climates to persuade you, then you can happily take them off your list of candidates!

As always, happy swimming and don't forget to subscribe to our blog!


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