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Why are Inground Fiberglass Pools so Low Maintenance?

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If you have done any research on inground fiberglass pools you have certainly read that one of their primary advantages is low maintenance. If you have gone as far as to speak to an owner of an inground fiberglass pool they probably said something like "...they said it would be low maintenance, but I had no idea how easy the pool would actually be to take care of. " 

It is a fact. Inground fiberglass pools are a breeze to maintain....but why? 


2 Reasons:


1.  Fiberglass pools have a non-porous pool shell

The gel coat surface of the inground fiberglass pool shell is non-porous.  With pools, pores are bad. They give dreaded algae a place to live and breed....YUCK! The surfaces of concrete pools are very porous and algae embeds into this surface. 

This is why weekly brooming or sweeping of the entire pool shell is recommended and periodic draining and acid washing of the pool is required - all to prevent and kill algae. Because algae is tougher to kill when it's embedded into a pool shell, concrete pools also use 2 to 3 times more chemicals than inground fiberglass pools. 

With a non-porous shell, inground fiberglass pools eliminate the need for all this extra work and expense because algae doesn't have anywhere to hide. Instead of going through a tedious and time-consuming acid washing process, you can simply take a few minutes to shock your fiberglass pool if you notice algae starting to grow.

Imagine your beautiful pool on a 90 degree day. Would you rather be manning a pool brush or laid back in the float with a cold drink listening to the kids have a blast? In the off season, would you rather fork out close to a thousand dollars to drain and acid wash the pool or close the thing and forget it until next year?




2.  A chemically inert pool shell

Inground Fiberglass pools do not react with the water in the vessel. Would you believe that concrete pools do? Yep. Because concrete is very alkaline, it actually raises the pH of the water in the pool. This means a constant battle to keep the water balanced....and it's important to keep it balanced. 

Pool water that's significantly out of wack is hard on pool equipment and the finishes used on concrete pools. This is why concrete pool owners buy muriatic acid in bulk; they're always adding to the pool.

Inground fiberglass pools have no effect on the water because they are totally inert. Get your water balanced and keep it that way! Sure, make up water and rain water may cause you to make a few minor adjustments over an entire season, but the inert nature of the inground fiberglass pool shell eliminates the constant battle to keep your water balanced.

Again, what would you rather be doing with your pool; enjoying it or maintaining it?



Are inground fiberglass pools really that easy to maintain? Find out for yourself. Give us a call or request a quote from us today. We have hundreds of clients that will literally talk your ear off about how wonderful and low maintenance their inground fiberglass pools are. We have many who are former concrete pool owners and they would be the first to tell you to ditch the pool brush and hop on the float.      


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At River Pools, we manufacture world-class fiberglass pools for customers across North America. If you'd like to get a fiberglass pool for your home, you can browse our pool models or visit our learning center for more information. Happy swimming! 


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Editor's note (5/17/24): 
This article was originally written by Jason Hughes, (Founder, River Pools Virginia, Genesis Course Instructor). Any opinions expressed are those of the author. Any prices referenced were based on information that was readily available at the time.

River Pools is a brand of inground fiberglass pools produced via the River Pools division of the manufacturing facility in Fortville, IN. While our expertise is in fiberglass pool manufacturing, we have a network of expertise relating to all things inground pools. Our own collective experience from over the years spans manufacturing, project design, installation, and pool service. We often tap into this knowledge base and share information freely with homeowners, just like you, who are considering having a swimming pool installed in your backyard.