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Earthquakes and Fiberglass Pools: Flexibility Is Nice When the Earth Moves

Earthquakes and Fiberglass Pools: Flexibility Is Nice When the Earth Moves

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Like many of you, I just was part of the ‘East Coast Earthquake’ of 2011. For 10 seconds, I was sitting in my office, feeling the floor shaking beneath me, and asking myself—“Am I actually in an earthquake?”

Seconds later, I jumped on Facebook and Twitter and boy was it on then... Ahh, I do love social media when it comes to real-time news. Nothing quite like it. :-)

But after the earthquake was over, and I was able to walk outside and see everything had returned to normal, I did breathe a sigh of relief for this one reality—Our swimming pool clients and their pools would be fine.

You see, fiberglass pools are flexible. They can move with the ground as needed, and today, for hundreds of miles up and down the coast of the United States, the ground was moving.

With tensile strength that makes a concrete pool shudder, fiberglass is suited perfectly for such environments—which is also why you often see consumers choose a fiberglass pool when building near a rock quarry, rail road tracks, etc.

So, for all our friends out there that were a part of today’s interesting activities, we hope you and your swimming pool are doing well, and if you have a minute, you may want to go visit your neighbor to help them inspect their concrete pool too. ;-)


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