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By: Jason Hughes on March 16th, 2012

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10 Hottest Inground Pool Options and Accessories of 2012...Video!

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In the market for an inground pool?  If so, you're certainly looking for the options and accessories that best meet your needs. 

In this informative video, we discuss 10 of the most popular and innovative Pool Options in the pool industry today!  You'll learn why they are gaining in popularity and ballpark costs for each.  

1.  Salt Water Chlorine Generators:  Learn why they're so dang popular and what benefit they offer pool owners in terms of water quality and low maintenance.

2.  Heat Pumps:  We'll compare heat pumps vs traditional pool heaters that burn propane or natural gas and discuss how and why they are so efficient.

3.  LED Pool Lights: Far and away the most popular form of pool light today.  We'll discuss color changing options, long bulb life, and how easy it really is to change why we prefer the Pal 2000 Pool light by Fiberstars.

4.  Jandy iAqua Link: This cutting edge technology allows you to control your pool from your smart phone, or any device with an internet cool is that?

5.  Security Covers:  Learn why this tried and true winter cover is one of the most popular options amongst pool owners.

6.  Paver Patios:  We'll discuss the advantages of pavers plus look at some photos of beautiful paver patios.

7.  Stamped Concrete: Learn the pros and cons of stamped concrete plus how it's more beautiful photos.

8.  Aluminum Fence:  Why is aluminum fence installed around 7 of 10 inground pools in certain parts of the country?  We'll discuss the low maintenance benefit and classy look of aluminum fencing.

9.  Polaris 9300xi Sport:  This robotic cleaner is taking the pool industry by storm.  Learn why it's our favorite!

10.  Cascade Water Features:  This subtle but elegant water feature is easy on the pocket book and transforms the entire outdoor setting. 

So check out the video and feel free to leave a question or comment below.