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By: Marcus Sheridan on October 18th, 2011

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Fiberglass Pool Shell Weight: Why Is It So Important?

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There are many factors that make up the quality of a fiberglass swimming pool, and one of the most important is that the appropriate amount of materials are used during the process of constructing the shell.

Every fiberglass pool manufacturer has a spec sheet that shows exactly how much it is supposed to weigh. Depending on the size of the pool, most shells weigh between 2000-3500lbs. Over the years, and after having installed over 650 fiberglass pools throughout Va, Md, and WV, we have seen at times when pool shells were not built up to the specifications, which means that the structural strenght of the pool may not have been up to par.

It is for this reason that we weigh our pools shells at River Pools and Spas. In fact, this video shows how the process works.

So for those of you wanting to ensure your pool has been built to premium standards, you may want to inquire about the shell's weight with your pool installer.

Marcus Sheridan