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2009 Fiberglass Swimming Pool Design Awards

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Welcome to the 2009 Fiberglass Swimming Pool Design Awards! With the growth and success of our site and the feedback we've gotten from fiberglass pool shoppers, we have produced the first of what will be an annual review of the fiberglass swimming pool designs of the various manufacturers found within the inground pool industry.


As with any awards/reviews article such as this one, the statements found herein are the opinions we've formulated over the years based on our extensive experience with fiberglass swimming pool manufacturers throughout the industry. The companies considered for these design awards are as follows:


Trilogy Pools, Hatteras Pools, Sun Pools, Blue Hawaiian Pools, Alaglass Pools, Leisure Pools, Royal Pools, Composite Pool Corporation, Crystal Palace Pools, Viking Pools, and Aloha Pools.

The awards are as follows:


Fiberglass Pool Shapes

Best Roman Design

Trilogy Pools wins this one rather easily with their Hyperion model in the Fusion line. What makes the Hyperion so unique is one's ability to literally choose what type of end they would like to have on the model. In other words, whether you are looking for a tanning shelf, steps, or benches, the customizability of the Hyperion is second to none with Roman end fiberglass swimming pools. Another great feature of the Hyperion is its 44' length, making it the longest Roman end design in the fiberglass pool industry.


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Best Kidney Design

Trilogy Pools wins another award for best kidney design with their Gemini model. Although the Gemini design isn't an exact kidney shape, it's pretty close, and it integrates some impressive tanning ledges into the mold.


Best Pool/Spa Combo

Pool and Spa combination designs have exploded recently in the fiberglass pool industry, mainly due to their popularity in such warmer climates as California, Texas, and Florida. Although there are many good models out there to choose from, the award goes to Aloha pools for the Serenade model. The Serenade is a 16'x38' freeform design with an intelligent mix of steps and benches throughout the model.


Best Medium Sized Pool

Leisure Pools takes this award with their very popular Morrocan model. This pool is a great design because Leisure took a rectangle and rounded its corners and put a slight arch on one side of the pool. This gives the design the functionality of a rectangle with the personality of a free form look. With three seperate entry/exit points, the Morrocan meets the need of just about any consumer, and it comes in larger and smaller sizes as well.


Most Spacious Design 

Blue Hawaiian picks up an award in this category for their large and spacious Olympic Bay model. The Olympic Bay is all about swim and play area, with almost the whole pool (16'x41' rectangle) designed for such activities, which is also why the unit has very little benches and steps that can eat up space.


Most Elegant Design 

Trilogy picks up their 3rd award here with their Regulus model. This 16'x44' design can be customized just like their Hyperion model but has an incredibly classy and elegant look about it. Leisure pools also receives an honorable mention here for their Elegance model, which comes in various sizes.


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When we first got into the fiberglass pool industry, we were under the false impression that all fiberglass pool shells were created equally. Now, after having installed about 600 pools, as well as receiving feedback from all of our eBook customers throughout the country, we realize that there is a wide divide in the fiberglass pool industry when it comes to quality of pools. 

Some companies are doing a great job manufacturing excellent pools while others are producing junk and getting by because of their established name. But for the 2009 Highest Quality Fiberglass Pool Award, Leisure Pools get the nod based on their incredible Aquaguard Gelcoat and their use of Isophthalic resins throughout the pool's structure.



Websites continue to improve for most manufacturers, but Viking Pools get the nod here because of the many, many pictures they have on their website.

Note: Blue Hawaiian Fiberglass Pools, Trilogy Pools, and Viking Pools have recently been consolidated and are now sold under the Latham brand. 


Well, there you have it folks. Although we could go on and on as to the different designs within the fiberglass pool industry, we hope this article helps you all in your efforts to find the right pool for you and your family. 


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