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10 Ways Owning a Pool Will Change Your Home, Health, and Happiness

10 Ways Owning a Pool Will Change Your Home, Health, and Happiness

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swimming poolMy three year old daughter came to me on a recent morning and proclaimed vigorously, "Daddy, I need you to take me outside.....Now!".... And if there is one thing I've learned over the years as a parent to my kids, there is nothing better than a daughter grabbing the hand of her father and being lead to wherever her whim might take the journey....And so we were off.

Once outside, I was immediately hit by the azure skies and radiant sun, a happy reminder that we had finally moved past the mountains of snow that had engulfed our region just a few short weeks before. But what happened next is what brought me the biggest smile. My daughter led me down to our swimming pool and said, "Ok Daddy, let's get in the pool!" This was a cute statement, especially considering our pool is still closed and our high temperatures are barely in the 70s. Notwithstanding, her strong desire to enjoy the beauties and joys of swimming got me thinking about just how many wonderful benefits swimming pool ownership has.

That being said, I've come up with a list here of the top 10 ways swimming pool ownership can improve one's happiness, health, and family. Although many pool shoppers may be aware of most of these benefits, I think it's important that each is considered and recognized as an incredible benefit to such a worthy investment. So here goes:


10 Awesome Reasons to Own a Swimming Pool

  1. Create a ‘Staycation'
  2. Family Time
  3. Fitness
  4. Stress Relief
  5. Kids' Bedtime
  6. Community Activities
  7. Aquatic Therapy
  8. A Reason to Stay Home
  9. The Grandchildren
  10. Home Improvement Value

1. Create a ‘Staycation'

This is a word that has gained popularity since the early 2000s, mainly as a result of 9/11. Simply put, people are traveling less and spending more time at home.

And as we all know, the more we find enjoyment through staying home, the more money we save on the natural expenses that come with any type of travel.

Read more: 8 Tips for the Best At-Home Staycation

2. Family Time

I can personally attest to this benefit of pool ownership maybe more than any other.

With all the new technology of the information age, families are being constantly pulled apart by a mountain of activities and ‘distractions'. Whether it's TV, phones, tablets, etc., it can be tough for a family to truly share quality time.

Such is the beauty of swimming pool ownership-no distractions. Only smiles, games, and the sound of laughter. I can definitively say that my family has a stronger relationship because our swimming pool brings us together.

3. Fitness

Although many adults buy swimming pools for the fitness component, most don't realize that their children will likely benefit much, much more in this area.

Every summer, my children undergo a physical transformation from the end of spring to the end of summer. This is because they've usually gained a little bit of extra weight due to being inside so much during the winter and then they find themselves playing in the pool 3-5 hours a day once the summer is in full effect.

Instead of being bored and looking for a snack in the pantry, they instead turn their focus to creating new and exciting games and activities in the pool. And the beauty is that EVERY activity they do in the pool involves exercise of some shape or form.

4. Stress Relief

When customers debate over whether or not a pool will be a good investment, they need look no further than the fact that being in and around a pool is easily one of the most natural stress relievers in the world.

There have been many times when I've been under pressure from the typical stresses of being a husband, father, and business owner only to find my worries washed away as I toss my kids in the air and watch their laughter as they splash into the water.

5. Kids' Bedtime

This is a benefit that most parents have never thought of until they actually own a pool.

As many parents are well aware, it can be difficult to get children to bed on time, especially during the summer. This is because they can tend to get just a little ‘wrung up' during this exciting time of the year.

So what's the cure for this dilemma?

Well, let me assure you that nothing will tire a child out more than playing outside in the pool all day. In fact, instead of me shouting commands, my kids will often tell me that they are going to bed during the summer. How about that for a benefit?!

6. Community Activities

This benefit isn't necessarily for everyone, but it's one that my family has embraced since we had our pool installed 4 years ago. We've had multiple church and youth group activities in our pool that have lead to many wonderful experiences and stronger relationships with other persons  that we may otherwise not have had.

I am a stronger believer that pools bring families and friends closer, and such shall always be the case as we continue to extend our blessings to others.

7. Aquatic Therapy

Similar to fitness, aquatic therapy can be a major benefit of pool ownership. In fact, swimming pools have blessed the lives of many with such issues as fibromyalgia and cerebral palsy, as well as other illnesses.

8. A Reason to Stay Home

When it comes down to it, many parents worry about what will happen to their children the older they get and the more time they spend at their friend's houses versus their own.

This being said, swimming pools are a wonderful incentive for children, and their friends, to stay home (your home) versus going other places. And trust me when I say it's comforting to watch your children relate to their friends as they grow from little kids to young adults.

9. The Grandchildren

Ah yes, the wonderful grandchildren. When it comes to giving the grandkids a reason to go to Grandma and Grandpa's house, nothing adds quite the incentive a swimming pool does. In fact, during our years in the pool business, I'd venture to say we've installed at least 100 pools specifically for this purpose.

And let me assure you grandparents, the incentive works—sometimes almost too well!

10. Home Improvement Value

The National Association of Realtors recently came out with an article discussing the fact that inground fiberglass and concrete pools increase the value of homes on average 5%.

In other words, on a $500,000 home, a swimming pool will typically add about $25,000 worth of value. I mention this because some people think that pools will detract from the value of a home. Although this can be true in some cases, it is generally not the case.

So there are my top 10 ways owning a swimming pool will benefit your home, your happiness, and your health. What are your thoughts? Have you any to add to this list? As always, I welcome any comments below.


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