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Getting Ready to Choose a Pool Contractor? Think with Logic, NOT Emotion

Getting Ready to Choose a Pool Contractor? Think with Logic, NOT Emotion

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This article may sound a little self-serving, but trust me when I say that it is not. In fact, it may be as important as any ‘How to buy a pool' article we've ever written because it discusses one of the most common errors I witness each and every year from consumers around the country with regard to their pool purchase.


The Problem

The problem that many pool shoppers have this time of the year when they start getting quotes from contractors is that they find many builders cannot start their pool project immediately because there are many other pools on the calendar. And due to the fact that the shopper procrastinated by not looking more seriously sooner in the year they are likely confronted with the issue of choosing a contractor solely based on who can install their pool the soonest.

Let me give you an example I had just recently. After sitting down with a couple for a little over an hour in their home they decided they wanted to go ahead and use our services, but when I told them we would not be able to start immediately due to the amount of pools on our schedule, they began to question their decision. With the holidays like July 4th coming up, as well as their children's general yearning for a swimming pool, the parents had to make a decision based on one of two critical buying criteria: Emotion or Logic.


Emotion vs Logic

What is an emotional versus logical buying decision? Let me give you a few examples of such an error.

Getting a pool with a diving board only because the kids really, really want one (When in reality they will use a 6' deep pool more in terms of play than they will  an 8' deep pool, which is why the majority of 2nd time pool owners do not get a diving board).

Buying a concrete pool over a fiberglass pool simply because ‘it's what they grew up with and it's what their neighbors have', therefore sacrificing their initial goal of low maintenance and durability.

Deciding to use one company over another solely because one can start the job sooner, not because they are more qualified. (In other words, basing a life-long decision on a few weeks of swimming.)


I could literally give examples of ‘emotional' buying decisions all day but I'm sure you see my point. The key here is that pool shoppers understand the following when deciding on who will install their pool if it's late in the season:

Do not put the trust of your backyard in the hands of a company that can give you immediate satisfaction. This is a terrible mistake and one that people all over the country regret every June-September. Trust me, I've seen this over and over again with my consulting business.

Also, if one looks at it logically, they will understand that if a pool company can immediately start a project during the busiest part of the season, there may be a good (or should I say bad) reason for such allowances.

I tell every customer, whether it's my own or one in a consultation in another state, that they need to base their swimming pool buying decision on which company makes them feel the most comfortable. In other words, who does your gut tell you to go with?

I've also told my local customers in the past that if they got a quote from a competitor of mine who was unable to start the project until months after me, but they felt stronger and more comfortable regarding my competitor, then that's who they should choose.


Trust Your Gut

Do you see what I'm explaining here? Many of you who are reading this blog at this very moment are getting ready to pull the trigger on a pool company somewhere around the globe. Some of you are thinking logically. Others are thinking emotionally. But don't base this critical decision solely on factors such as install time-frame, price, throw-ins, etc. Trust more in your gut, as it will be unaffected by emotional distractions and base its 'feeling' on logical, common sense indicators.

So take the time to check all references. Ask yourself how much the company you've dealt with truly cares about educating you and insuring your best interests in the pool project. Look at their track record over the years.

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I can assure you that by doing this you will likely have very few regretful and stressful moments -moments that too often good people end up going through due to poor decision making and emotional buying mistakes.

Questions? Comments? As always, your thoughts are invited and appreciated.


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