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All-Tile Fiberglass Pool Bottoms Another Industry Innovation in 2011

By: Marcus Sheridan on January 26th, 2011

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All-Tile Fiberglass Pool Bottoms Another Industry Innovation in 2011

Fiberglass Pool Information  |  Fiberglass vs Concrete vs Vinyl Liner

all tile fiberglass poolFor the past couple of days, my business partners and I have been viewing the new 2011 products of the swimming pool industry here at the Atlantic City Pool and Spa Convention. Each year, we attend this show in an effort to continually stay informed as to cutting-edge industry products and practices. And of all the items that have caused me to raise an eyebrow during this show, the one I'm maybe most impressed with is the concept of an all-tile fiberglass pools.

As some may be well aware, gunite/ concrete swimming pools have had the luxury of being viewed as the most customizable pool style in terms of tiling and design since their inception. Notwithstanding, fiberglass pools have taken another step forward with manufacturers now offering just about any feature one could find in a concrete pool.

The pool shown in the above photo was manufactured by Viking Pools and demonstrates an all-tile (in this case stone) pool bottom (see close-up of stone below). As you can imagine, it's an impressive feature and one that only a few years ago would not have been associated with fiberglass swimming pools.

tile on pool floorThis feature, along with many others like built-in tanning ledges, improved colored finishes, and phenomenal shape selection have thrust fiberglass swimming pools into the minds of more and more pool shoppers around the globe in 2011.

For obvious reasons, I'm excited for the future of fiberglass pools and only see more and more cutting edge innovations down the road for this budding part of the swimming pool industry.