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Is Sand or Stone Better Backfill for an Inground Fiberglass Pool?

Is Sand or Stone Better Backfill for an Inground Fiberglass Pool?

Installation & Construction

If you are considering an inground swimming pool, you probably have a lot of questions about how they are constructed. 

Before we get into the following video that covers a key component of fiberglass pool installations, let me introduce you to our FREE inground pool ebook that goes into great detail regarding the installation processes of all three types of inground pools: Concrete Pools, Vinyl Liner Pools, and Fiberglass Pools.  

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Now, on to the topic of the day: 

When It Comes to Inground Swimming Pool Construction: What Is the Best Material to Use When Backfilling a Fiberglass Pool? 

Construction of inground swimming pool - is backfill sand or backfill stone better?

If this is a new topic for you, it's critical to understand some of the topics covered in this inground swimming pool construction video such as:

  • The key differences between sand and stone  
  • How installers need to select backfill material based on the soil condition 
  • That neither sand or stone are inherently "bad" backfill materials
  • The consequences of using sand backfill in the wrong conditions

It's also important to understand that this topic of backfill material is only one aspect of our complete fiberglass pool installation methodology, which virtually eliminates all of the most common challenges associated with the inground swimming pool construction of fiberglass pools. 



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We hope you've found this helpful and invite you leave any questions or comments below.

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Editor's note: This blog article was updated on January 7, 2019.