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Custom Security Cover: Fiberglass Pool with Elevated Patio [Video]

Custom Security Cover: Fiberglass Pool with Elevated Patio [Video]

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Check out this quick video of a custom security cover installation on an inground fiberglass pool with an 18" poolside wall and elevated paver patio. As you will see, the cover anchors into the elevated patio then stretches taut across the pool. 

Several security cover applications shown in this video are:

  • One way to properly cover an inground pool with an elevated wall
  • How to install security cover anchors in a paver patio as well as a stamped concrete patio
  • How to install a cover on a pool with pool side steps leading to an elevated patio
  • How to use the lever tool, provided by the cover manufacturer, to stretch the cover taut across the pool

Hope you find it helpful and informative. Questions and comments welcome as always.



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