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What is the Best Small Pool for a Small Yard?

By: Marcus Sheridan on March 26th, 2012

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What is the Best Small Pool for a Small Yard?

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With real-estate a premium even in difficult economies, many back yards today simply don't have a whole lot of space. This being said, just because you have a small backyard doesn't mean you shouldn't consider installing an inground swimming pool. This article will discuss some of the common questions associated with this important topic.

What is the best type of pool for a small backyard? (Concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass)

When considering which type of pool is best for your small backyard, there really isn't a strong advantage one way or the other, assuming you find the size/shape you're looking for. In other words, let's assume that you only have a 7'x21' area for the actual pool. Because fiberglass is limited in certain sizes, and depending on who the fiberglass manufacturer is, it is possible that fiberglass wouldn't be an available option in this case. (Note**Some manufacturers do make models this size.)

On the other hand, vinyl liner and concrete inground pools can be whatever shape you would like, with very few limitations.

Occasionally, homeowners wonder if fiberglass pools will fit around their house because of size. In cases like this where the pool is too big to enter the back yard on the left or right side of the house, it is not uncommon to simply crane the pool over the house, which is rather easy to do in most cases.

Which pool will offer the least amount of maintenance/work?

It's generally accepted in the swimming pool industry that among the 3 types of pools, concrete will be the most difficult to maintain on a seasonal and long-term basis. Vinyl liners are easier than concrete on a seasonal basis (in terms of chemicals and cleaning) but also must have their liner replaced on average every 8-11 years. Of the 3, fiberglass will certainly be the least amount of maintenance on a seasonal and long-term level.

What shape is best for a small backyard?

The best answer to this question is "it depends". Why? Because every backyard is different and therefore you have to work with what is available to you. But one key to remember is that although curvy pools, like a kideny shape, lose some water space with their free-form characteristics, they also allow for more potential decking space. Remember, if you're looking to at least have a lounge chair on your pool's patio, you will need at least 7' of decking in that area. And if you'd like to fit a table with chairs, you'll need even more.

It is for this reason that free-form pools are very common in small backyards.

What are the small pool trends we are seeing today?

If you look at vacation places like Nags Head NC, Myrtle Beach SC, and others-- fiberglass pools have become very prominent in these areas where the backyards are typically very, very small. In Florida, fiberglass has grown quite a bit in recent years but concrete pools still make up the very large majority of small pool installs in that state. As for Texas...well...they don't do anything small in Texas. ;-)


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