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Northeast Fiberglass Pool Company Wins Award with Impressive Water Feature/Pool Combo

Northeast Fiberglass Pool Company Wins Award with Impressive Water Feature/Pool Combo

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This is part 2 of our efforts here to highlight the 2 fabulous fiberglass pool projects that won this year's Master of Design awards.

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The pool shown was installed by Cherry Hill Pools in Massachusetts.

What's so impressive about the project, as you can easily see, is the dynamic natural water feature that begins at a high elevations and cascades into the free-form fiberglass pool below.

Considering myths are often circulated regarding the fact that fiberglass pools don't look good with natural water features, I give quite a bit of credit to companies like Cherry Hill that are changing the perception of fiberglass swimming pools across the country, especially in their Northeast corner of the United States.

Also, I've included here a few answers to some questions I sent out to Cherry Hill.


Question: Did the homeowner know what they wanted from the beginning or was this something that Cherry Hill designed for them? 

The homeowners, like many of our clients had decided that rather than purchase a vacation home, they would invest in their space. The couple, Steve and Kim, own a business together and as such don't have much free time in the summer.


Question: What were the biggest obstacles to the project?

LEDGE! If you notice, the pool is elevated by about 1 foot - you step up into the patio area. That was to reduce hammering out the ledge. However, that ledge and subsequent area became a stunning water feature in the water fall that trickles down in to their pool.

Question: What made the homeowner choose fiberglass over liner or concrete? 

The ease of maintenance .... That really made the difference. They did their research and new they wanted the durability and long lasting qualities of fiberglass. The inclusion of the cleaning system was the key item as not only does that feature keep the pool super clean, but circulates the water so that the heating system doesn't need to work as hard.


Question: What does Cherry Hill see for the fiberglass pool industry in the future there in the North East?

As it has been stated, fiberglass is the way to go in cold weather climates. It can withstand the freeze thaw cycles that we have with no loss in performance to the product. It is the most installed pool in Canada and New Englander's are discovering just how awesome fiberglass is.


Owner Bio:

Jim McGill has been in the outdoor living/home improvement area his entire life.  He started Cherry Hill Pool & Spa in 1999 and has been actively building fiberglass pools ever since.