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Large Fiberglass Pool (16

By: Marcus Sheridan on April 21st, 2010

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Large Fiberglass Pool (16'x40') Design Awards for 2010

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A few weeks ago, I posted an article called Small Fiberglass Pool Design Awards for 2010, which has been received with tremendous response. Considering the article has already been read over 1000 times in such a short period of time, I figured we ought to discuss as well the ‘Big Boys' of the fiberglass pool industry and give out awards to the designs that are at least 16'x40' in size. 

As with the previous article, I have analyzed all the fiberglass pool manufacturers in the industry to come up with awards. As always, the information herein is my opinion, and just because I like or dislike a design does not mean it should totally influence your decision as a fiberglass pool shopper. But like everything else found here on this blog, this article is meant to educate and enlighten consumers so that they are able to make the best decision possible for their family when it comes to purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool. So without further ado, here goes:

Classiest/Roman Design

The Regalus from Trilogy stays at the top this year. This 16'x44' unit is a sport bottom pool and may be the nicest looking design in the fiberglass pool industry. It's extremely classy, has quite a bit of play area despite the large ends, and because it falls in the Fusion line for Trilogy a customer can customize whether one of the ends gets a bench, a tanning ledge, or additional steps. Major props to Trilogy for producing a design that will aesthetically rival any concrete pool.

Most Play Area

The Luxor Shallow from San Juan pools takes this award. This 16'x44' rectangle not only has massive amounts of play area, but it also uniquely blends tanning shelves into the shallow-end step area and has a true swim-lane for those interested in laps.

Most Unique Diving Pool

Although there are more and more diving pools now available in the fiberglass pool industry, one of the most unique I've ever seen is the Frio model from American Fiberglass Pools. Not only is the pool 18'x43' (you can tell it's made in Texas!), but it goes to 8'6" and also has a large tanning shelf in the shallow end. Props to American for producing such a unique design.

Best Large Pool for an Automatic Cover

The 16'x40' Elegance model from Leisure Pools takes this award for a couple of reasons. Whenever a pool owner uses an auto cover, pure rectangle shapes are much better because the tracks for the cover can then go beneath the coping edge of the pool versus being on top of the patio. So not only is the Elegance a true rectangle, but it's great for auto covers because all of its seating and entry points are on the long side of the pool, not on the ends. I mention this because auto covers have to roll-up on one end of the pool. This typically means there will be some type of metal lid on that end, which is not as ideal for persons getting in or out of the pool in that area. This is also why the Elegance 40' is great for anyone looking to run their pool parallel to their house.

Best Free-Form Design

The Taj-Mahal Shallow from San Juan pools takes this award. With its many curves and 16'x45' frame, this model is able to offer consumers quite a bit of character as well as a solid amount of play area.

Honorable Mention

The King Shallow from Royal Pools is quite an impressive design with its 17'6"x41'6" measurements. With its large seating area, as well as its 3'6"–5'6" water depth, this pool would make a nice choice for anyone considering a large fiberglass swimming pool for their home.