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Greco Survey Results Are In: Real Feedback From Real Customers!

Posted by Jason Hughes


greco fiberglass poolOne of the things that keeps business fresh and exciting for us here at River Pools Powered by Thursday Pools Manufacturing is our desire to constantly improve.  

We have found this requires getting into the mind of our clients - to see our brand, our products, and ultimately the overall experience that we provide from the perspective of our customers.  

We recently conducted a survey of our clients who purchased our Greco pool, and the results were so compelling I thought it would make good food for thought for those trying to decide which pool model is right for them.     

Here is some of the feedback we received from our customers about our Greco pool design:

Regarding the overall design of the Greco: 

"We like all the features of the Greco design."

"We enjoy all of the items mentioned [the bench seat, step layout, open swim space, and depth], but the children use the ledge around the pool to get out or stop and rest. This is a great idea."

"I like everything about this pool design."

"The design is great!"

"The layout and depth are perfect for our family, the step ledge on the sides is awesome for the kids.  Our 4 year old daughter is learning to swim and this design has been fantastic for her."

"I would change nothing about this design."


Regarding the Depth of the Greco: 

"Initially, we were concerned about depth in deep end being too shallow, but we have found it to be just right!"

"We love to play volleyball and it works great for that."

"We love the depth. We do not want a diving environment at all, so having the slide for kids is the best solution for us."

"Unless you want to have diving capabilities or provide scuba instructions, the depth is perfect..."

"The 5'6" depth is perfect for volleyball and basketball. It meets our family needs with four kids ranging from ages 5-21 years old." 


Regarding the Bench Seating: 

"The bench in the shallow end is great."

"I like the deep end seats and the corner stairs also."

"Love the benches on both sides of the deep end."

"The bench seat and step layout are great."

"We enjoy the bench seat and lip along the edge."

"The bench seat is awesome!"


Regarding the Amount of Open Swim Space: 

"We love the step and bench areas, the useful swimming space, and that all of the space can be used by multiple ages, sizes, and swimming abilities."

"We enjoy the bench seats, the safety/climbing ledge around perimeter, the open swim space and overall size."

"We love the playability of this pool."


Regarding the Swim Lane: 

"This is an ideal design for an active family with children of all ages and adults that like to swim laps."


Survey Facts: 

  • When asked which features of the Greco they enjoyed most, the most common customer responses were:
    • bench seating
    • the amount of open swim/play area
    • the depth of the pool. 
  • When asked specifically about the depth of the Greco, 94.4% of the customers surveyed stated that the depth of the Greco met their needs. 
  • When asked to rate their opinion of the overall Greco design from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest, the Greco received an average score of 9.2.

Well, we hope you've found this customer feedback helpful....we certainly have!

If you are interested in receiving a quote for our Greco pool or any of our other pool designs click here.  You can also come and see a completed Greco pool in our Virginia Pool Park, click here to learn more.  

If you'd like to leave a question or comment below please feel free.

Thanks and happy swimming!

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