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Can any Fiberglass Pool have a Tanning Ledge and Custom Water Feature?

Posted by Marcus Sheridan

One of the greatest evolutions in the fiberglass swimming pool industry has been a concerted effort from many builders and manufacturers to add customized features to their products. And considering the biggest knock on a fiberglass swimming pool is its lack of customization, such an effort makes quite a bit of sense.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, one of the more ‘en vogue’ swimming pool features homeowners have been looking for  is the addition of a tanning ledge/water feature to their poolscape. Because fiberglass pools have width limitations, such a feat is difficult unless the tanning ledge is modular (as offered by Trilogy Pools), or if the tanning ledge is built-in, just as it would be on a concrete pool.

The following video depicts a custom tanning ledge on a Leisure (Riviera Model) fiberglass pool. The tanning ledge is made out of regular concrete and is overlaid with a ceramic tile, specifically Aztec cobalt. Along with the ledge, you’ll also notice 3 bubblers that were built into the structure as well.

So if you are considering a fiberglass pool, and are worried you may not get as many ‘customized’ features as you’d like, make sure to check and see the limitations of your builder, as you may be very surprised just how customized these pools can really be.

Marcus Sheridan

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