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5 Fiberglass Pool Accessories to Consider in 2021

5 Fiberglass Pool Accessories to Consider in 2021

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OK, so it’s Christmas week and I hope everyone is loving life with family and friends.

But considering Santa is on his way, and that spring is (believe it or not) just around the corner, it may be time to think about a few ‘gifts’ for your swimming pool this coming year.

It’s likely that many of you already own some if not all of these, but for those who don’t, these items merit consideration.


5 top accessories for a fiberglass pool

  1. Salt chlorine generator
  2. Heat pump with chiller
  3. Vacuum head with rollers
  4. Automatic vacuum
  5. Leaf rake


1. Salt Chlorine Generator

The days of you working hard to keep all your chemicals ‘just right’ are no longer necessary with salt chlorine generators.

Although you’ll still have to do some chemical maintenance with the pool salt, the work is minimal.

This little device will not only save you quite a bit of time and frustration, but it will also pay for itself within the first few years.

At River Pools, we know of many salt chlorinators being installed, and not a single person that I’m aware of has ever switched the system out or been dissatisfied.


2. Heat Pump with Chiller

Does anyone remember just how hot it got this past summer?

Yep, it was blazing at times. Because of such heat we had many, many customers grateful they were able to cool their water down because of their dual (heat/cool) heat pump.

A heat pump will extend your swim season by a few weeks on each end.

More than anything, it will ensure the water is ‘just right’  to fit your needs.

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3. Vacuum Head with Rollers

There are two types of manual vacuums for fiberglass pools. One uses brushes and the other is on rollers.

If you really want a fast and effective vacuum, get the one with rollers.

These vacuum heads are typically used in gunite pools, but they increase normal vacuuming time by about 50% or so.


4. Automatic Vacuums

For those of you who’d like to vacuum your pool less, a robotic pool vacuum may just be the answer for you (either that or teaching your kids how to do it as I did with my 7 year old son).

There are many, many types of auto cleaners for swimming pools.

If you have any questions as to the best ones, please don’t hesitate to inquire in the comments section below.


5. Leaf Rake

For some reason, many pool owners don’t own leaf rakes, and instead just own a ‘skim-net’.

The difference between the two is that a leaf rake is more like a bag, similar to what you’d find with a crab net.

This allows you to gather many, many leaves from your pool very quickly, without constantly having to knock off the net and bring it out the water.

So if you don’t have a leaf rake, make sure you get one by next season.


Questions? comments? Don't hesitate to leave your thoughts below.


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Editor's note: This blog article was updated on January 5, 2021.