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The Best Inground Fiberglass Swimming Pools/Designs of 2013


In the past, we at River Pools and Spas have taken the time to recognize the different advances and developments in the fiberglass pool industry over the years, many of which have been the most read articles on this blog to date. So as 2013 is now here, we felt it time to discuss the best inground fiberglass swimming pool designs we’re seeing in terms of functionality and creativity in 2013. Also, as a side note, this article is not about the quality of the included manufacturers, but rather our opinions on their designs. Here goes:

Best Fiberglass Swimming Pools of 2013

Best Free-Form Diving Pool:

genesis by trilogy pools

Some really nice diving pools have come out in the fiberglass pool industry over the past decade but one of the best is the Genesis by Trilogy Pools. Why you ask? Well, the foremost reason to give the Genesis credit is the fact that it’s one of the deepest pools in the industry, with an 8’6” diving well. Combine that with a smooth 42’ design and some really nice bench/step designs, the Genesis deserves mention here.

Best Diving Rectangular Pool:

Monolith by Thursday Pools

Just as with the previous  category, many companies could be mentioned for their rectangular diving pool models, but one company that has done a nice job is Thursdays Pools, with their Monolith 16x40 model, with a roomy shallow end and small steps coming out of each of the deep end corners.

Best Non-Diving Rectangle Pool

Reflection by Leisure Pools

When it comes to 40’ non-diving rectangle pools in the fiberglass pool industry, there are many shapes that deserve mention and could easily make a large family happy for years to come. That being said, the one that may offer the best design is the Whitsunday 1 by Barrier Reef Pools. This 15’8” x 40’ Rectangle goes from 3’11”-6’10” in depth and has great seating and steps in every corner of the pool. But not only that, if you’re the type that wants to swim laps, the design has a large swim lane in the middle of the pool, making it easy for lap swimmers to enjoy without obstacles in their way.

In addition to the Whitsunday 1, the Reflection by Leisure Pools (shown above) is a 40’ rectangle that deserves mention here as well.

Most Original Design

iPool by San Juan

One of the main reasons why fiberglass pools have done so well in terms of product awareness growth over the last decade is due to the fact that so many more shapes, sizes, and features are now available to the public. As an example of this, a few years ago San Juan Pools came out with the iPool, and to this day, despite the fact that it may not have a large swim area, is certainly one of a kind in the industry with its negative edge capabilities and vast array of benches, ledges and more.

Best Kidney Shaped Pool

gemini pool by trilogy

Just about every fiberglass pool manufacturer has a kidney style pool that works well, but one that always seems to stand out from the crowd is the Gemini by Trilogy Pools. Unlike most “standard” kidney designs, the Gemini has an extra curve that allows for a very unique and functional tanning ledge—a feature that many swimming pool owners love.

Best Classic Shapes

Moroccan by Leisure Pools

If you’re looking for a classy feel to your fiberglass pool experience, there are two designs that would likely make you pretty happy. The first is the Poseidon from Viking Pools, which is a 16x40 modified rectangle. If you’re looking for something similar but smaller, the Moroccan by Leisure Pools (shown above) is a great option.

As we stated earlier, because the fiberglass pool industry has grown so much over the year there are many more categories we could discuss here. If you have any questions or comments about shapes or manufacturers, don’t hesitate to contact us directly or leave a comment below.


by Marcus Sheridan

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Thursday Pools is honored by your selection of our Monolith model as Best Diving Rectangular Pool for 2013. In addition, thanks for continuing to publish useful and educational blogs regarding the fiberglass swimming pool industry.
Posted @ Monday, December 24, 2012 7:41 AM by Ed Vondell
Wow, the pool is beautifully designed and the ambiance is so perfect for relaxation.
Posted @ Thursday, December 27, 2012 1:20 AM by Zofia Gainey
Proud of our partnership with Thursday Pools. I am glad to see you noticed the true master fiberglass manufacturer in Thursday Pools. Also, great article in the January issue of Aqua Magazine. My driving force to build the highest quality pools revolves around your article. In north central Ohio the fiberglass business has had way too many poor installations. These are the things that allow longevity for our customers and our companies. Best of luck to you!
Posted @ Thursday, January 03, 2013 9:54 PM by Keith Mitchell, President DREAMSCAPING INC.
This looks kinda like one of those riverpools. I think it would be really cool to have one of these in my backyard. I would never pay to go swimming again.
Posted @ Monday, January 14, 2013 9:16 PM by Bill Shields
The pool is awesome.
Posted @ Tuesday, January 22, 2013 1:39 AM by Zofia Gainey
Great technology and such a great use of fiberglass. Just Amazing.
Posted @ Wednesday, March 20, 2013 7:07 AM by Fiberglass Rod
Great site I will be giving you some good backlinks from our site as I share your articles with any visitors to our site in Mass. Great stuff keep it up.
Posted @ Tuesday, April 09, 2013 8:47 PM by Joe Angelo
Year after year you have kept the industry close to heart and well informed. Keep it going! I'm honored to be a part of this wonderful industry. God's speed as we move forward towards future developments and understanding's. 
Posted @ Tuesday, April 16, 2013 12:51 PM by Gene Foster
This is great stuff. Loving this blog. The ipool2 is amazing. Would love to have one in my backyard!
Posted @ Saturday, June 01, 2013 10:18 PM by James Madison
Some fantastic examples of how far fibreglass pools have come in less than half a century.
Posted @ Sunday, July 28, 2013 7:15 PM by Ezrio Passetti
Thanks for sharing such a wonderful information here....!!!!!
Posted @ Wednesday, August 07, 2013 5:12 AM by Patio Calgary
You have posted great looking pools! Inground fibreglass swimming pool is the way to go for design and safety. 
Posted @ Monday, August 26, 2013 1:53 AM by Professioanl Pool Inspections offered by Defence PoolSafe
The popularity of fibreglass pools has tremendously surged. Aside from durability, pool owners now see fibreglass pools to be practical and easy to maintain. Thank you for these images! You’ve wonderfully shown readers a good glimpse of the best in fibreglass pools! My favourites are Genesis and Moroccan. 
Posted @ Tuesday, August 27, 2013 2:09 AM by Small Pool Designs by John Clark Pools
Good written blog on educating us with fibre glass swimming pools! Really, this is a good reference. 
Posted @ Monday, December 16, 2013 2:49 AM by Top Quality Rural Fencing Supplies in Brisbane
All the pools are looking fabulous. The designs are very attractive and when it is fiberglass then there’s no doubt that these are the best pools you can have, designed at your wish. 
Posted @ Wednesday, January 08, 2014 1:24 AM by Benefits Of Swimming Pools
All pools are looking fabulous. The designs are very attractive and when it is fiberglass then there’s no doubt that these are the best pools you can have, designed at your wish. 
Posted @ Wednesday, January 08, 2014 6:02 AM by Benefits Of Swimming Pools
Wow! The swimming pool designs which you have shared here are awesome. Thanks for sharing such wonderful information here.
Posted @ Saturday, March 22, 2014 1:56 AM by Pool Safety Tips
The fibreglass pools featured all look amazing. Great pool article! 
Posted @ Saturday, March 29, 2014 2:13 AM by Standard pool cleaning services
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Posted @ Friday, October 10, 2014 2:58 AM by carriemorton
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Posted @ Friday, October 10, 2014 2:59 AM by carriemorton
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