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A fiberglass pool warranty like none other.

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Considering a DIY Fiberglass Pool Install?

This Comprehensive Video Guide Teaches Every Detail of a World Class Fiberglass Installation.  Perfect for DIY'ers and Those Wanting to Better Understand the Installation Processs.

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16 X 36 Fiberglass pool 3 1/2' to 5 1/2' Deep

Fiberglass pools come in many different sizes and shapes. It used to be that you were limited in the selection of sizes and shapes of fiberglass pools back in the 1970s and 80s. Fiberglass pools use to come in two colors, white and powder blue. But today there are a wide variety of fiberglass pools to choose from, including a wide variety of colors to pick from. This is due to more people getting into the manufacturing of fiberglass pools and the advancements that have been made in the gel coat industry.

Trilogy Casini vs Greco Rectangular Fiberglass Pool Comparison


The fact that you’ve found this article means you are probably well into the process of finding the right pool for your family. 

What is the Best Rectangular Fiberglass Pool Design?


If you are in the market for a rectangular fiberglass pool, you’re probably wondering which design will best meet the needs of your family. 

Don't Believe Concrete Pools Are a Maintenance Nightmare? Watch This Video!


Of the hundreds of questions we are asked on a daily basis, the most common is probably this:

Are You Looking For A One-Night Stand With Your Pool Builder?

online dating header2 resized 600

A man and a woman who met on line are having their first phone conversation.  Here's how it goes: 

The Cost of Going with a Vinyl Liner Pool vs Fiberglass Pools

Vinyl liner swimming pool customer

We have written a blog on this subject a few years ago, and after visiting the Pool and Spa show in Atlantic City I felt that the topic needed to be revisited. I had heard that some fiberglass pool manufacturers who also have vested interest in vinyl liner pools manufacturing are requesting that their fiberglass pool dealers install vinyl liner pools also. I have no problem with that as long as the sales person keeps the customer's best interest in mind when working with them. I have installed vinyl liner pools myself and under the right conditions, I would do it now.

What Are The 3 Most Popular In-ground Pool Options Of 2014?

Salt Pool Water Quality

As a pool guy, I get asked all the time, "What are the most popular options for in-ground pools and why?" I would say the three most popular options are salt water chlorinators, underwater pool lights, and security covers. Here are the pros and cons of each.

Fiberglass Pools Installation Trends Of 2014

fiberglass Pool 15 x 30 installed by river pools and spas in fredericksburg va

You may be wondering of all the pools that we installed in 2013 what were the most popular pool designs and options.

Variable Speed Pool Pumps vs One and Two Speed, Which is Best?

variable speed pool pump

If you are considering a new pool or even replacing your existing pool pump, you're probably wondering which type pool pump will best meet your needs.  Great question! 

4 ThingsThat Will Dictate The Price Of Your Fiberglass Pool In 2014

Fiberglass Pool

The sales person you work with should take the time to listen to what your pool will be used for and ask you questions regarding the same. There are a lot of important fact finding questions that you should be aware of, like will the pool be used for diving, or for volleyball, or for basketball, or doing laps?  How many people will use the pool on a regular basis, do you entertain a lot? If the right questions are asked and the sales person does their job then you should have the pool of your dreams and be very happy with the pool buying experience. Below are the factors that will come into play on determining how much you will pay for your fiberglass pool.

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