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How Long Does it Take to Install a Fiberglass Pool?

time install poolHow long does a fiberglass pool really take to install? That’s the focus of today’s article and let me say it’s one of the most mistaken and sometimes misunderstood parts of having a fiberglass swimming pool installed in your backyard.

I find it a little funny when I look online and I see companies with the headline ‘We will install your pool in one day!’. Actually, I’m a little bothered by these statements because the task of installing a fiberglass pool in one day is nearly impossible. Why? Well here are the different phases of an actual complete installation:

  1. Permit application
  2. Permit Approval
  3. Excavation
  4. Setting, Plumbing, Water Filling, and Backfilling of Pool
  5. Electrical Hook Up
  6. Forming for Concrete
  7. Pouring Concrete
  8. Removing Concrete Forms/Patching/Etc
  9. Cleaning of Pool
  10. Grading of Yard
  11. Final Cleaning of Pool
  12. Cover Installation if Necessary

Now some of you may be thinking that you saw on TV where a fiberglass pool was installed completely in 48 hours. Well, this is feasible but keep in mind that it requires major man power, no inspections, and everything must fall in place just perfectly.

The truth of the matter is that most jobs will average this timeframe (not including any down-time):

  • Permit: 1-10 weeks, depending on the county
  • Excavation, Dig, Set, Backfill, Forming: 2-3 days
  • Concrete Pour and Form Removal: 2-3 days (possibly longer for stamped concrete)
  • Cleaning/Grading/Covering: 2-4 days

Another huge factor that one must account for is weather. One good day of rain can literally delay a job for 2 weeks, especially if the site is a difficult one and does not drain well.

At River Pools and Spas, we tell our customers they can expect most jobs to fall in the 3-5 week range (not including permitting) when one actually considers all that is involved as well as potential variables that can arise. Have we done some jobs completely in 4 days? Yes, that’s true, but we’ve also had jobs that took longer than 5 weeks to wrap-up. Frankly, sometimes it’s just tough to tell until construction starts.

So consider these factors when your installer gives you job timeframe expectations. Remember that just setting and filling a pool does not mean that it is ‘installed’.

As always, we invite anyone with questions or comments to leave your thoughts below.

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If someone says that they can install a fiberglass pool in one day it's a clear cut lie. It takes at least a few days to install a good quality fiberglass pool. If a service providers tells you that they can install it in one or two day take it for sure they are either lying to you or they will install a low quality pool at your home. And you will have to visit a service provider. 
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