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5 Ways to Keep Your Pool Algae Free During the August Heat

5 Ways to Keep Your Pool Algae Free During the August Heat

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Well, it's that time of year folks. August is here, vacations are being taken left and right, the heat is on, and for some pool owners, this all can equate to that green thing that makes pool ownership a frustrating experience—Algae.

But truth be told, it need not be this way. Personally, I've had my fiberglass pool for 6 years now and never had algae in our pool. In fact, with today's technology, there's really no reason anyone should be having problems with algae in the first place.

It's for this reason I decided to make a list of 5 keys to ensuring your pool doesn't have problems with the "green monster" during these hot months. Here goes...


1. Keep your sanitizer levels up

For most folks, this means your chlorine needs to be kept at optimal levels, all day, every day. This is also why we're such big advocates of salt chlorine generators at River Pools, as they manage to keep a consistent level of chlorine in the pool at all times, preventing the growth of algae in the first place. And for those of you not using salt, make sure to shock your pool at least weekly during this time of year.


2. Keep the water moving 

One key to remember is that algae likes to start when water stops, which is why it's a good idea to always keep your pool water filtering during the month of August (and the rest of the season for that matter). This is also why most modern pools have variable speed pumps, which allows constant water flow without the high energy usage.


3. Use the pool

Did you know often times the best way of keep a pool clean and free of debris is by swimming in it as much as possible? Yep, that's certainly the case, and it's because swimmers stir up the water and debris, allowing the skimmer to catch more particles and ultimately filtering the pool better.


4. Keep an eye on your filter

This goes back to #2, but if your sand or cartridge get too clogged up, the water will slow down, which can hurt filtration as well as chlorine production...which is bad news.


5. Add an algaecide weekly

Although this isn't always necessary, it's another means of algae prevention and something that certainly won't hurt your chances of having a hassle-free summer with your pool.

So there you have it folks, 5 ways to keep your pool algae free during the hot month of August. Good luck everyone!


At River Pools, we manufacture state of the art fiberglass swimming pools for customers across North America. Feel free to take a look at our catalog of models, try out our pool pricing calculator, or contact us to request pricing using the button below!


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