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Visual Proof that Fiberglass Pools are Stronger than Concrete

Posted by Marcus Sheridan

strong fiberglass pool

Although this photo might confuse you at first, it's showing a fiberglass display pool at our headquarters here in Warsaw Va. after some serious wind gusts that have been plaguing the state over the last couple of days. What normally is a pool shell on its side with the trailer as its base, mother nature decided to blow it over with some serious force behind it, causing the shell to slam to the  ground.

Even better though, the shell was unharmed. It's flexibility and tensile strength, as always, saved the day.

It's this same flexibility that allows fiberglass pools to do so well in shrink-swell soil and other types of ground that often vibrate, shift, or move.

So is a fiberglass pool truly stronger than concrete? No doubt, each one has their own set of pros and cons, which you can read thoroughly in this article, but on this day, fiberglass is the winner. ;-)

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