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Monthly Electrical Costs to Run a Swimming Pool: What Should You Expect?

Posted by Marcus Sheridan

pool eletrical costsPotential swimming pool owners often times wonder how much they'll spend on a monthly basis for electrical/ power usage with their new swimming pool. Considering long term costs on a pool should certainly factor into one's purchasing decision, such a question makes quite a bit of sense.

Unfortunately, every pool is different in terms of how much electrical is used and therefore the monthly costs can vary significantly as well. So keep this in mind as you read the following, as these are General Guidelines.

2 Speed and Variable Speed Pump/Filter Systems (includes salt)

Pump manufacturers have become much more energy and cost conscious over the past 10 years or so, with most pool companies now making 2-speed and variable speed pumps a standard part of their basic installation. For example, at River Pools and Spas we include a 2-Speed Whisper Flow Pump by Pentair on all of our packages. In the majority of cases, pool owners will run this pump on low speed 24/7 during the summer, which is a very good idea because it allows for constant filtration and sanitation. Although the high speed is used at times, (especially when vacuuming) the pump is not running full-speed nearly as often.

Typical Monthly Cost on Electric Bill: $30-$50

1-Speed Pump (includes salt)

For whatever reason, and much to my dismay, there are still a decent amount of companies out there that are only installing 1-speed pumps on new pool installations. This leaves the homeowner with 2 choices: Run the pump on high speed 24/7, or have it on a timer, turning on and off at 8 hour (average) intervals. As you can imagine, both these options have their drawbacks.

Average Monthly Cost: $75-$150

Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps, which use electric instead of gas or propane, are a relatively efficient way to heat (and also cool) a swimming pool. Although the size of a heat pump does make some difference, the biggest factor on its electrical consumption has to do with the pool's location/region and ambient temperature outside. So for the sake of creating some type of estimate, most heat pumps will add $75-$250 per month in electrical expenses, again depending on their usage.

Inground Hot Tubs

This is a tough one to answer considering there are many ways to build an inground hot tub. Notwithstanding, running an inground hot tub can often times consume as much if not more electrical than an inground pool, especially if it utilizes an electric heater.

Typical Monthly Power Consumption:  $75-$300


So there are some general guidelines for those of you looking for expected energy costs and consumption. Keep in mind also that I've listed monthly (not yearly) costs in this article because most pools in the United States are not open year-round.

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Marcus Sheridan

Questions? Comments? What have been your experiences? What are the numbers in your area? As always, we'd love to hear from you.

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