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5 Reasons Why Your Inground Swimming Pool Should Already Be Open

5 Reasons Why Your Inground Swimming Pool Should Already Be Open

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pool openingsSo here we are, mid April, and many of you reading this are still looking at a pool in your backyard with a cover on it. This is understandable, and I’m sure you have your reasons, but I simply wanted to write this little article from the opposite perspective.

You see, as I was cutting the grass for the first time this year yesterday, my 7-year-old son apparently already had enough of waiting and decided to get in the pool, despite its sub-70°F temperatures. And if you look at the photo (sorry, the date showing isn't correct) here I shot with my phone, you can see from his expression that it was likely pretty cold ;-)

Notwithstanding his short dip though, the experience certainly brought me a smile and reminded me of the various reasons why our family always opens up the pool at the beginning of April.


5 Reasons to Open Your Pool Up in April

1. Mother Nature is a Funny Thing

Have there ever been hot days in April? Yes, of course there have. As we all know, April is one of those months where it’s simply tough to know how the weather is going to act. It could stay in the 60s or could get up into the 90s, but if it does by chance get that hot, at least things will be ready for the kids when the opportunity presents itself.


2. Algae

Have you ever seen the difference between a pool that is opened in April vs. May? Let me tell you, it’s huge, with the biggest difference being visible Algae growth. With the temps constantly in the 80+ range during May, algae has plenty of time to grow on the walls, thus meaning that when the pool does finally get opened, it can be very difficult to deal with. Two weeks ago, when we opened our pool, there was very little algae in it. Yeah, sure the water was filthy and dirty, but within a couple of days and after shocking it and vacuuming it a few times, she’s as good as gold, and the water is now beautiful.


3. It’s not as expensive as you think

With the advent of salt chorine generators and variable speed pumps, opening up your pool in April is very inexpensive. For example, in my case, now that I’ve added salt and the pool is perfectly clean, we’ll spend about $25 for the rest of this month on electric because the pump will stay on low speed the entire time. Expensive? I think not.


4. It’s Pretty!

That’s right, pools are pretty. Water is relaxing. And seeing a pool without a cover is a clear sign that spring is here and winter has finally moved on.


5. Pollen

Pollen wreaks havoc on water that is not circulating, and being that it’s just now starting to rear its ugly head, pools that are on will have very little difficulty keeping up with it. But let it just collect in your pool’s water for the next month or so and you’ll see that it’s much harder to clear up by that point.

So those are five points to consider as you decide on when to open your swimming pool up this year. And keep in mind also that these rules aren’t necessarily applicable to every climate or region of the country, but in most cases, they certainly do apply.

Check out our Ultimate Guide to Inground Pool Maintenance as you start the swim season.

Happy Swimming everyone!


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