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Swimming Pool Blog

Local Swimming Pool Information for Virginia and Maryland

Considering the purchase of an inground swimming pool in Virginia or Maryland? This page will show you...

Blog Feature

Finding A Pool Contractor

Who Is The Best Swimming Pool Builder in Virginia Beach? (Reviews/Ratings)

One of the very interesting aspects to the inground swimming pool market in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk/Newport News area is the fact that fiberglass swimming pools have always been a major staple of the area. This is likely due to the influence from the Outer Banks, NC, area, but notwithstanding, Va. Beach is a hotbed for fiberglass pool builders, although there are certainly vinyl and concrete pool builders as well in the area to choose from.

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Blog Feature

Finding A Pool Contractor  |  Pool Design Guides

Who is the Best Swimming Pool Builder in Maryland?(Reviews/Ratings)

Ahh yes, so you live in Maryland and you're thinking about getting an inground swimming pool-- GREAT! But once you know you're ready to move forward, the next step is finding the right builder/contractor for the project.

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Comparing Fiberglass, Concrete, and Vinyl Liner Pools in the Modern Age Ebook.

Comparing Fiberglass, Concrete, and Vinyl Liner Pools in the Modern Age

Don't blindly wonder if a fiberglass, concrete, or vinyl liner pool is right for you. Our educational ebook does a deep-dive comparison of the 3 types, all while noting the advantages and disadvantages of each.

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Fiberglass Pool Manufacturers  |  Finding A Pool Contractor

Who Are The Best Pool Builders in Richmond, Virginia? (Reviews/Ratings)

Each year, we at River Pools and Spas meet with well over 100 households in the  Central Va/Richmond area with respect to their inground swimming pool installation. And because so many folks know our thoughts and feelings (from this website) on all things "pool construction," they often ask us who are some of the other builders and competitors we have in the area.

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