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Will a Fiberglass Pool Increase the Value of My Home?


pool home valuesOften times when homeowners are considering the purchase of an inground swimming pool, they want to know how it will affect the value of their home—which is a very important and legitimate question. Interestingly enough, the type of pool you choose for your backyard will greatly dictate the return on investment for the pool itself.

With their explosion in popularity over the past few years throughout the United States, more and more people are considering fiberglass pools over their counterparts and this brief article will discuss how these types of pools affect real-estate and home values going forward.

What Pool Consumers Want

To understand the impact fiberglass has on home value, first we should consider what consumers want in a swimming pool:

  • Low maintenance (something that won’t lead to a lot of work and headache)
  • Product Longevity
  • Aesthetics and visual enhancement of the backyard
  • A pool to  fit their family’s needs (this varies)

This being said, you can see why vinyl liner inground and above ground pools tend not to increase the value of a home, as their liners need to be replaced every 10 years or so and in most cases, the aesthetics do not enhance the backyard.

Fiberglass, on the other hand, is very low-maintenance, last well over 25 years, and with modern advancements they now rival concrete pools in terms of aesthetics (without all the work). Notwithstanding, because of their size/depth limitations, fiberglass pools aren't always the best solution for every pool project.

Home Values and Fiberglass Pools

Considering all these factors, in general, fiberglass pools do add value to a home. The National Association of Realtors has said that a concrete or fiberglass pool may add roughly 5% to a home’s value, but again, this number can vary.

In other words, although you will get some returns (financially speaking) for your swimming pool, they likely won’t match the overall cost of the pool project.

For example, let’s assume for a second that you spend $45,000 on your inground fiberglass swimming pool. The likely return on investment will be in the neighborhood of 20-30k in most cases.

Looking beyond sheer dollars though, fiberglass pools often increase the sell-ability of a home, especially when the buyers consist of children.

All this being said though, very few people and families buy a fiberglass pool because it's a financial investment. Yes, some returns are there, but the true "returns" come in the form of laughter, memories, and years of enjoyment.

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You have to keep in mind that having an inground pool to begin with could hurt the sale of your home. 
There are folks who simply are not interested in having a pool in their backyard, so this could cause them to not even look at your house, but that of course should be no reason to not own a pool. 
No matter what pool you decide to own, you should take extremely good care of it, so that when it comes time to sell, your pool will help.
Posted @ Saturday, October 13, 2012 5:41 PM by Matt Giovanisci
Very interesting indeed! However I assume that there may be regional and national and international differences, in the north (like in Canada or Sweden), there may be a different type of pool that is best suited in order to increase the value of the property and the house, indoor pools and spas are very popular here in Scandinavia, maybe due to the climate :-)
Posted @ Tuesday, August 27, 2013 5:38 AM by Alex
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