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Meet the Charlotte Team

Our trained staff in Charlotte, NC are experienced professionals who will give 100% to ensure you love your pool.

Frank Llaneza, Owner and Operator


Transferable Lifetime Pool Shell Warranty.

5 year workmanship warranty. 

Seamless supply chain from manufacturing to installation. 


These were the qualities no other pool installer could match when Frank Llaneza was searching for his own pool, and the opportunity to provide that to the greater Charlotte area was too good to pass up.


Expecting only to order his own pool, the prospect of launching a better fiberglass pool offering to Charlotte and her surrounding counties took front and center in his mind after hanging up with Aaron “Big Delicious”  Daley of River Pools.  Not expecting the proposition of launching a River Pools location in Charlotte, Frank immediately called his long time buddies Christopher Liner and Bennett James and planted the seed of starting a fiberglass pool installation company. Both Christopher and Bennett are General Contractors with combined 30+ years experience and the 3 of them agreed that there was a market need for a reputable fiberglass pool installation company that focused exclusively on the highest quality, lowest maintenance, and universally best warranty in the market. 


No one matches it. Trust us, we looked. 


Frank and Bennett are both graduates of the Citadel, the Military College of South Carolina  where Frank was the First Honor Graduate. Christopher played football at UNC Chapel Hill and obtained his MBA with focus on Real Estate Development from UNCC and has completed graduate work at Harvard in quantitative analytics. Christopher has been a licenced general contractor for 15 years and has furthered his professional development by becoming a Level lll Concrete Technologist, LEED AP, Facility Management Professional (FMP), American Concrete Technologist l, and became NCDOT field certified to test concrete mixes for state road work and bridges.  There are pros and cons with concrete, and Christopher is well-versed in both.  


With collective backgrounds in technology, entrepreneurship, residential & commercial construction, hardscapes, concrete, and supply chain coupled with the “River Pools Way'' , the Charlotte team is excited to serve the Queen City and her surrounding counties in North and South Carolina.  

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