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Who are the Top Swimming Pool Contractors in Virginia?(Reviews/Ratings)

Who are the Top Swimming Pool Contractors in Virginia?(Reviews/Ratings)

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Virginia Pool BuildersEach year, we at River Pools and Spas meet with literally hundreds of homeowners with respect to their swimming pool, and we earnestly do our best to help them find the right pool, and pool contractor, that fits their needs. And believe it or not, there are times when our company is simply not a good fit for a homeowner—be it sizes, shapes, budget, or other needs that we simply can’t meet.

Because of this fact, many times over the years, customers have asked us to give our reviews and ratings of Virginia pool contractors that they should possibly consider in the state. As you might expect, this is a hard question to answer, mainly because each area of the state has builders that are of high standards—many of which do not extend beyond a certain radius to their headquarters.
This being said, if we were to mention some of the main pool builders in the state that have managed to stick around for years, a few to make the list (in no particular order) would be:


1. Valley Pool and Spa: Located in Waynesboro, VA, Valley Pool and Spa has been specializing in Vinyl Liner Inground Pools for many, many years, installing hundreds throughout the Shenandoah Valley.

2. Charlottesville Aquatics: Having been installing pools in the Central Virginia area for over 35 years, Charlottesville Aquatics has been a recognized leader in concrete pool construction and also offers vinyl liner pools.

3. Anthony & Sylvan Pools: A national company, Anthony & Sylvan specializes in concrete/gunite pools throughout central and Northern Virginia, and they also build in Maryland as well.

4. Lewis Aquatech: Specializing in high-end concrete/gunite pools in the Northern Virginia/DC market, Lewis Aquatech has been around for decades and has certainly done their fair share of dynamic poolscapes.


Although I could certainly mention many more contractors in the state, this list of 4 deserved mentioning, especially if you find fiberglass pools don’t fit your needs and are thus looking for a vinyl or concrete project. But, as always, before you decide on any pool contractor, do your homework. Be informed. And think long-term.

Questions? Comments? Don’t hesitate to leave your thoughts below.