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Fiberglass Pool Colors

Check Out the Various Color Choices We Offer for Our Fiberglass Pools!

Pool color swatches: Maya Shimmer, California Shimmer, Caribbean Sparkle, Ocean Shimmer, Sandstone Shimmer, Granite Grey, and White

Take a look at the color swatches (the actual color of the pool shell). Then see in the slides how that color looks when the pool is filled with water!

River Pools offers the following colors for the gelcoats of our fiberglass pools:

  • Maya Shimmer
  • California Shimmer
  • Caribbean Sparkle
  • Ocean Shimmer
  • Sandstone Shimmer
  • Granite Grey
  • White

The Maya Shimmer is our standard gelcoat color.

All other colors are upgrades. 

For more pool photos, check out our gallery.

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