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Meet the Lehigh Valley Team

Our trained staff in Lehigh Valley are experienced professionals who will give 100% to ensure you love your pool.

Phil Krakoski - Owner


Phil and his wife Nikki live in Macungie, PA and have three young children..PJ, Delaney, and Ethan. They grew up in the Lehigh Valley and both went to Emmaus High School. Phil started his construction experience with the local electrical union #375 in the early 2000’s. Of all the difference aspects of electrical construction he learned, Phil enjoyed being outdoors and doing the dirty underground work the most. However, having an entrepreneurial spirit, he wanted to eventually start his own business.

After the financial crash of 2008, he decided construction would have trouble for some time and opted to join one of his good friends and open a brick and mortar retail location in 2009. He learned everything he could about running a retail business, being a leader, and giving customers an awesome product and experience. They grew the company from 3 locations to 8 locations, warehouse, online store, and is now regarded as a top shop in the country. However, as much as he liked the business and working with his friends, there was something missing in Phil’s career. Passion for the product and industry.

Phil asked himself over and over again, “What business can I join (or begin) that I am also passionate about”, “What is my favorite thing to do with my free time?” He kept coming up with the same answer “Enjoying quality time at our backyard pool with friends and family”. He decided he wanted to bring that same joy to other families in his community. Phil tied his love for pools and backyard get-togethers, experience in underground construction work, and expertise in operating a business. Building pools was his answer!!


When Phil and Nikki bought their home in 2017, Phil HAD to have an in ground pool. It was his life long dream to have a pool and now that he had children, it was that much more important. During their home search, Phil did a ton of research on local builders and different pool types. He liked what he read about fiberglass pools (mostly from River Pools ;) but could not find a reputable installer in his area that specialized in fiberglass. In the end, Phil ended up buying a house that had a vinyl liner pool already installed.

Then a couple years later, two of his friends were ripped off by a local “fiberglass installer” who took their money and ran. Phil researched the area AGAIN and saw a MAJOR need for a reputable company that was focused on fiberglass pools. After servicing and maintaining his own vinyl liner pool over the years, Phil understands the many benefits of fiberglass pools and is what he recommends to friends and family.


He wanted to open a pool company that specialized in, or solely focused on, fiberglass. But where to begin!! He knows the learning curve of starting something brand new and figuring it all out on your own. So he looked for pool franchises that already have a proven model, system, and could train him. Enter River Pools!

While vetting possible pool installation companies to join, Phil LOVED what he saw from River Pools. He decided to take a trip down to VA to meet the team and felt even more of a connection. River Pools core values and mission statement are 100% in line with Phil’s business philosophy. Give the customer a high quality product and an even better experience. Be fully transparent. Have laser focus on product quality and customer happiness. Empower team members and give them a great atmosphere to work and opportunity to grow. Make a positive difference in our community. AND they are SOLELY focused on fiberglass pools! Joining River Pools was a natural fit!

Phil is extremely excited to bring the River Pools Way to the Lehigh Valley and be a “breath of fresh air” to our clients and the pool construction industry as a whole!

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