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Build + Price your pool

Meet the Des Moines Team

Our trained staff in Des Moines, IA are experienced professionals who will give 100% to ensure you love your pool.

Ryan, Eric, and Ben Broich - Owners 

Ryan and Eric started Outdoor Design Solutions, a landscaping company, in 2010 to provide customers with a complete landscape design build experience. Their goal has always been to blend the customers' ideas with their unique designs and construction experience.

A rapidly growing part of the business was the incorporation of pools into the backyard landscape. Ryan and Eric had worked with many different pool contractors over the years but realized the potential of having the ability to install the pool and the landscaping all in house. This full service approach will be easier for the homeowner and will streamline the installation timeline.

Ryan, Eric, and Ben Broich (Outdoor Design Solutions project manager) were immediately impressed by River Pools for the quality of fiberglass pool shells and also the River Pools philosophy. They were drawn in by the brands focus on the customers experience, transparency, and industry innovation. All attributes that would help drive an experience for the customer in better design, faster build times, and higher quality.

Ryan, Eric, and Ben are excited to be a part of the River Pools family and help lead the way to providing the best pool option in the Des Moines area.

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