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5 Advantages of The Greco 16'x36' Design:

Advantage #1: Maximum Swim Space

In an effort to give you the greatest value, we designed The Greco to give you the
most open swim space possible.  We scrutinized every square inch of the design to find the proper balance of features, and guess what?  The Greco has 33% more open swim area than similar size fiberglass pools on the market.  How is this possible? 

Here's how:

1.  The Pool Shape is Rectangular. 

When considering a fiberglass pool, the dimensions represent the widest and longest points of the pool.  Consequently, free form pools have less swim space because every curve and contour result in less square footage of pool.  Because The Greco is a true rectangle, you are given the most swim space possible.

2.  The Pool Interior is Open and Spacious

Have you noticed that the majority of fiberglass pools have steps and benches that "eat up" a lot of swim space?  Frankly, this has always bothered us so we went to work designing a pool that integrates ample bench seating, user friendly steps, and maximum swim space.  The result is that The Greco actually gives you even more swim space than other rectangular pool designs because of it's bench and step layout and narrow coping edge.  

greco coping width pic3.  Narrow Coping Edge 

Did you know that the dimensions listed for fiberglass pools are not the actual water's edge dimensions?  This is because fiberglass pools are measured from the outside edge to outside edge of the pool coping, which is a structural beam around the top of every pool that is typically 6"-7" wide.  Consequently, there are pools in the industry that are listed as 16'x36' that actually have waters edge measurements of much less than 15'x35'.  We designed the coping of The Greco to be as narrow as possible, 4.5" wide, making the interior dimensions of the pool 15' 3" x 35' 3" insuring you get the most swim space for your dollar.  

Advantage #2: Ideal Pool Depth for Plunge and Play

What is the perfect pool depth? 

That's a great question!  And the honest truth is that it depends on how you want to use your pool.   For the next few moments bear with us, and when you think about pool depth, forget the numbers (five feet, six feet, eight feet) and simply consider how you'd like to use your pool.

If your like most folks, you'd like to have enough water for the kids to jump in and have a blast.  You'd also like to have the right amount of water for playing games like volleyball, basketball, chicken fights, marco polo, and fpool depth graphic or playing with dive toys, squirt guns, and just generally goofing off and having a blast like we all do in pools. 

Or maybe you simply want to feel like you're getting the full inground pool experience.  This could mean simply relaxing in the soothing water.  It could mean swimming laps or exercising.  It could mean it's cannonball time baby!  It all depends on what you want your experience to be.  But the question is, do all the activities listed above describe your needs so far?  

Designed Around Needs Not Numbers

When we designed the depth of The Greco we asked one simple question:

"What is the ideal amount of water for all of these activities?"

It just so happens that the depth of The Greco, and the ideal pool depth for the vast majority of families, is 3' 8" in the shallow end with a gradual slope to 5' 6" in the deep end.     

One-dimensional vs Dynamic Pools

There are basically two different types of pools available regarding pool depth:  diving pools and play pools.

A diving pool is at least 8' deep (which is the min. depth for a diving board) and has a defined shallow end, then a steep slope downward, and a defined deep end.  This is called a transitional bottom.  Diving pools are great for using a diving board (which are nothing more than a stiff jump stand these days), but for basically all other pool activities, forget about it.  You're treading water in about 80% of the pool so most of the activities listed above aren't a possibility.  Diving pools are essentially a one-dimensional pool.   

A play pool is designed to accommodate virtually every other pool activity and have enough water to take a plunge while also allowing bathers to stand (and therefore play) in the majority of the pool.      

We're pointing this out because the worst thing you can have is a pool that attempts to be both a diving and a play pool simultaneously....because it fails dramatically at both.  You end up with too much water to play and not enough water to dive.  The Greco is a dynamic play pool.  It's bottom has a gentle slope from shallow end to deep end and the ideal amount of water for virtually all pool activities!

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Advantage #3:  Ideal For Aquatic Exercise

Want to Swim Laps?

Great, we designed The Greco to allow you to swim until your heart's content!  The swim lane is wide open and approximately 34' long.  The deep end wall and shallow end bench, where you'll be making turns, works great for the recreational swimmer.   

Benefits of Aquatic Exercise

Did you know that water-based exercise can help people with chronic diseases and conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and depression.  Also, parents of children with developmental disabilities find that recreational activities, such as swimming, improve family connections.  Cool huh?

Click here to check out 8 Pool Exercises you can do in the Greco!

Advantage #4:  Unique Bench Seat and Step Design

Here Are 4 Really Cool Features of The Greco Bench Seats and Steps:

#1:  The Shallow End Bench is Ideal for Kids

Why is this important?  Because kids (especially kids 2-6 years old) play on the benches the majority of the time.  As a parent, I like the bench in the shallow end because there's not a drop off into the deep end.  Plus oftentimes, the main patio is adjacent to the shallow end which means I'm always close by.

#2:  Therapy Jets Come Standard so Time to Relax!

Every pool comes with three jets where the water shoots back into the pool.  We locate two of these jets in the shallow end wall so you get the benefit of jet therapy while relaxing in the bench seat.  

#3:  The Deep End Benches Are Ultra Convenient

The deep end corners of The Greco each have a bench seat.  They are a great place to relax and also enter and exit the pool. 

#4: The steps of The Greco are designed for easy entry and exiting of the pool. 

They are generous in size and therefore user friendly without expanding too far into the interior of the pool. 

The Greco also has what is known as a safety ledge, which is a four inch wide ledge around the entire perimeter of the pool that adds rigity to the sides of the pool, but it also is ultra convenient for swimmers using the pool.  Check out the following video that shows how 3 year old Daniel uses the saftey ledge in the Greco while swimming in the pool!

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Advantage #5: The Composite Sandwich of Awesomeness

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fiberglass pool construction

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