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Meet the Greensboro Team

Our trained staff in Greensboro, NC, are experienced professionals who will give 100% to ensure you love your pool.

  • About Us-River Pools of Greensboro

Rob & Katina Fagnan, Owners and Operators

I predicted from a young age that I would design and build things that people dream of. Upon graduation from high school with a strong mathematical, drafting, and architectural background, I knew I was well on my way. 

While taking some college classes and working in the construction industry, I decided the Air Force would be a great place for me. I spent six years of my life as a construction engineer working for the 823rd Red Horse Squadron. There, I received some of the best training in the world while working in remote locations around the globe.

My wife, Katina, and I have been married for 25 years. She has also been actively involved in the pool construction industry. For years, our passion for designing, building, and selling beautiful inground swimming pools has driven us to turn our clients’ backyard dreams into a reality that exceeds their expectations. We are also blessed to have three wonderful daughters who have grown up around and want to be a part of the inground pool industry. We strive to go beyond a greater level of customer satisfaction together. 

The first swimming pool that I designed was in 2000, and it did not take me long to realize that I made a great career move. It is amazing to watch a blank canvas of a yard transform into a gorgeous “staycation” that our clients do not want to leave. It is my privilege to be given the opportunity to build pools for friends and neighbors and the Greensboro area.  

I was fortunate to have the opportunity early in my life to gain experience in building pools and spas while working with several of the extremely regarded pool companies around the country. By observing and listening to common complaints in the industry and changing the way work is done, we provide a plan to a better experience for our clients.

The most frequent complaints across pool companies seem to be confusing or hidden prices in a proposal or contract, salesmen who become uninvolved once the contract is signed, and a lack of communication with little job oversight from the supervisor.

When starting River Pools Greensboro, I transformed the way a company is managed by insisting on the following three very simple obligations:

1) We provide a detailed cost breakdown so that you know exactly what you are buying, item by item. It is much easier for you as a consumer to feel comfortable in your decision when you have a comprehensive list of details rather than just a few measurements and a grand total, as many other companies will present.

2) When you call us, you will not find a sizzled-out, amateur car salesman who bashes the competition and disappears after the contract is signed. River Pools Greensboro sees that our clients only interact with professional and experienced employees. We won’t use pressure sales tactics because we have seen that a skilled project design and proof of quality sells itself. When these two elements are accomplished, the rest is simple.

3) We have a job supervisor present throughout the construction process, and we typically do not have our supervisors responsible for more than four or five pool projects at any given time. By comparison, many high-volume pool builders have one supervisor for every twenty pools at a time. How often do you think you would see those supervisors at your project? Closer supervision means better quality and communication, and that is one of our goals at River Pools Greensboro.

These are the transparent requirements that we follow. We believe that this approach to constructing outdoor environments ensures that our clients have a positive experience throughout the installation. Managing each project to the smallest detail and keeping our clients informed and involved is our focus, and that’s what sets us apart from the rest.



Rob & Katina

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