How to Receive a Quote for Your Swimming Pool

Because most customers go into the act of purchasing a pool relatively blind, we at River Pools and Spas have set up our website to literally be the most educational fiberglass pool site on the web. We have spent tremendous time in setting up the site this way in an effort to allow our customers to become truly informed about the product, process, and our company. Assuming the customer does their part, this allows the actual site visit/quote to be more productive and effective. Before a customer receives a quote, we strongly urge that everyone at least visits the: 1. Free Fiberglass Pool DVD Page 2. Fiberglass Cost Page 3. Fiberglass Info Page (where you will find significant information/videos regarding our fiberglass pool suppliers) 4. Fiberglass Myths Page 5. Our Blog........Upon studying these pages, you will be an extremely informed pool shopper. Obviously, the other pages on the site are very helpful as well in one's pursuit of pool education and information. Once this is done, the process of receiving an inground quote is very simple.

In-Home Appointment

Because we travel throughout most of Virginia and Maryland on appointments, the majority of quotes are given in the home of the customer. This enables us to look at such factors as access, yard grade, difficulty of installation, etc. In-home appointments are typically done Monday-Friday, with mornings afternoons, and evenings all acceptable meeting times. Because the process of purchasing a fiberglass swimming pool is a complex one, we strongly urge that any/all decision makers attend this meeting as we will not only be discussing the pool shape, but also the pool surface color, patio, and other details. A site visit can take anywhere between 1-3 hours, so please allow for such time without being rushed. Two owners of the company, Jim Spiess (804-761-1071) and Jason Hughes (804-761-2184) do the majority of the in-home visits and you are very welcome to call them both directly.